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Working Women

Here’s you’ll find the latest interviews with inspiring women in project management, advice on returning to work after maternity leave, commentary on equal pay and other things relating to what it’s like being a working woman in the project profession.

  • Women in Project Management: Rachel Mata
    An interview with Rachel Mata, Lead Project Manager at Instructor Brandon in Bogatá, Colombia.
  • A shopping guide for a project management Christmas
    How are you doing with your Christmas shopping? If your Christmas project planning has gone a bit awry and you still have gifts to buy, here is my list of what to get the project managers in your life. Or you could suggest that people buy these things for you! There are so many cables […]
  • How to Plan to Leave Your Job
    Learn why you need to prepare now for leaving your current job. Planning how to leave your job gracefully is a smart move that helps you move roles professionally and on great terms with your previous employer.
  • 7 Most Important Leadership Behaviors for Female Project Managers
    While I was researching my book, Customer-Centric Project Management, I came across a piece of research in the Project Management Journal about women’s leadership skills. ‘Project Management Leadership Behaviors and Frequency of Use by Female Project Managers’ by Charlotte Neuhauser, PMP, looks at what women think are the most important leadership characteristics and then whether […]
  • 3 Ways to Improve Life for Women in Project Management
    Here are 3 things you can do to create an environment where closing the gender pay gap for women in project management will seem possible.
  • 6 Ways To Get Taken Seriously at Work
    Getting taken seriously at the office is something that you can work on. It isn’t always easy to build a sense of gravitas (especially when faced with more senior colleagues) but you can get better at coming across in a way that makes people take you more seriously. Here’s how to do it.
  • Women in Project Management: Koviljka Lukic
    I interviewed Koviljka Lukic, an inspiring woman in project management about her career in the waste water industry and how she balances work and family.
  • Women in Project Management: Natalie Steck
    I interviewed Natalie Steck, President and CEO at software firm Viewpath about women in project management and the future of software in our industry.
  • 15 Tested & Practical Tips from Women in Project Management
    On International Women’s Day I wanted to share some tips from the fabulous women in project management whom I have interviewed on this blog. Here are 15 amazing career tips that will help you build your career.
  • Expert Tips on Lessons Learned [Video]
    These expert tips on lessons learned will help your team stop making the same mistakes over and over again! Learn from major projects PM Karlene Agard about howw to start up a project effectively and learn as you go.

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