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Working Women

Here’s you’ll find interviews with inspiring women in project management, advice on returning to work after maternity leave, commentary on equal pay and other things relating to what it’s like being a working woman in the project profession.


How to Plan to Leave Your Job

Learn why you need to prepare now for leaving your current job. Planning how to leave your job gracefully is...
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7 Most Important Leadership Behaviors for Female Project Managers

While I was researching my book, Customer-Centric Project Management, I came across a piece of research in the Project Management...
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woman on way to kick off meeting

3 Ways to Improve Life for Women in Project Management

Here are 3 things you can do to create an environment where closing the gender pay gap for women in...
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How to get taken seriously at work

6 Ways To Get Taken Seriously at Work

Getting taken seriously at the office is something that you can work on. It isn't always easy to build a...
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An interview with Koviljka Lukic

Women in Project Management: Koviljka Lukic

I interviewed Koviljka Lukic, an inspiring woman in project management about her career in the waste water industry and how...
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Women in Project Management: Natalie Steck

I interviewed Natalie Steck, President and CEO at software firm Viewpath about women in project management and the future of...
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Tips from Women in Project Management

15 Tested & Practical Tips from Women in Project Management

On International Women’s Day I wanted to share some tips from the fabulous women in project management whom I have...
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Karlene Agard interview

Expert Tips on Lessons Learned [Video]

These expert tips on lessons learned will help your team stop making the same mistakes over and over again! Learn...
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An interview with Sofia Hess

Inspiring Women in Project Management: Sofia Hess

Learn about the different supporting roles in the project management profession. Sofia Hess talks about her role in project management...
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Inspiring Women in Project Management Rachel Gertz

Inspiring Women in Project Management: Rachel Gertz

Rachel Gertz is a digital PM trainer and we sat down to talk about project management apprenticeships, a growing trend...
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Inspiring Women in Project Management: Pam Shergill

An interview with Pam Shergill, an Inspiring Women in Project Management.
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Inspiring Women in Project Management Linky van der Merwe

Inspiring Women in Project Management: Linky van der Merwe

Linky van der Merwe talks about project management in South Africa and her Success Stories Shared initiative.
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How to get a work/life balance

How 6 Real Managers Get A Work/Life Balance

6 real project managers share their tips for getting a work/life balance. Read on to find out how you can...
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Interview with Emma Seaton-Smith

Inspiring Women in Project Management: Emma Seaton-Smith

Emma Seaton-Smith tells us about her path from jewellry making to project management and being nominated for the 2017 Rising...
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Inspiring Women in Project Management: Kate Morris

Kate Morris, MSP, MoP, CSM, is a practising project manager and an Inspiring Women in Project Management. She is the...
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Inspiring Women in Project Management: Karen Chovan

Today I’m interviewing Karen Chovan, MASc, PEng, PMP, who has dedicated her career to helping others deliver clean, lean and...
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Inspiring Women in Project Management: Amy Hamilton

This inspiring woman in project management, Amy Hamilton, shares her experiences as a project manager in the US Army, for...
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Natalie Warnert Interview

Inspiring Women in Project Management: Natalie Warnert

An interview with Scrum Master and Women In Agile supporter Natalie Warnert, an Inspiring Woman in Project Management.
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Inspiring Women in Project Management: Erica Pepitone

Years of experience are not necessary to be inspiring. Erica Pepitone shares how she got started in project management and...
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Ellen Maynes Inspiring Women in Project Management

Ellen Maynes: Inspiring Women in Project Management

Today's interview with Ellen Maynes shows that project management can be more than just building an IT system. It can...
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Work Life Balance tips

What It Means To Balance Work And Family

I shared some really personal issues about my role as a project manager and so many of you reached out...
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Traci Duez women in project management

Inspiring Women in Project Management: Traci Duez

Traci Duez has been inspiring women at work for years with her public speaking and consultancy work. Now she comes...
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Deserving Better

Jo Cox’s murder, and knowing that her children – one the same age as one of mine – will grow...
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Christine Unterhitzenberger

Inspiring Women in PM: Christine Unterhitzenberger

Christine Unterhitzenberger shares her experiences in industry and explains why she moved to academia (and why she's going back to...
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Sarah Coleman women in project management

Inspiring Women in Project Management: Sarah Coleman

Sarah Coleman's work on project leadership has been inspirational. In this interview for my Inspiring Women in Project Management series,...
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Monica Borrell Interview

Inspiring Women in Project Management: Monica Borrell

Monica Borrell is the latest woman to be profiled in my Inspiring Women in Project Management series. Find out why...
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Career quote

Career Tips from Senior Women

5 tips for a long and fulfilling career from women who have been there and done that. I picked up...
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Lorraine Chapman interview

Inspiring Women in Project Management: Lorraine Chapman

Construction project management has always been traditionally male-dominated. Lorraine Chapman talks about what life is like as a female manager...
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Career confidence through options

How Options Give You Confidence At Work

The tip that has helped me most throughout my career is knowing that I have options. You have to work...
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Interview with project management expert Caroline Crewe-Read

Inspiring Women in Project Management: Caroline Crewe-Read

Caroline Crewe-Read is one of the senior women in project and programme management pioneering a path to the top in...
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The gender pay gap in project management

You’re Working 57 Days A Year For Free: Gender Pay Gap in 2015

The gender pay gap in 2015 is still alive and well. Full-time female managers, like many of you, work 57...
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Happy 21st Anniversary, Women in PM! [conference video]

This is my video diary from the Association for Project Management’s Women in Project Management Special Interest Group 21st Anniversary...
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WiSE: Supporting Senior Women Delivering Strategic Projects

This post was sponsored by IPS Learning. Sometimes the best ideas come from a chance conversation. A chance conversation that...
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Happy Anniversary Women in PM SIG! An interview with Teri Okoro

Next month sees the APM’s Women in Project Management group holding the 2014 National Conference & 21st Anniversary of Women in...
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The XY Factor in HTML: How the fairer sex fares in digital project management

This is a guest post by Lee Carnihan. After more than ten years working in digital I’ve met a dozen...
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Returning to work after maternity leave

How Real Mums Return to Work

Six women share their tips for making a comeback at work after maternity leave. Research shows women can lose their...
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5 tips for returning to work

5 Tips for Returning To Work After Maternity Leave

Learn how to manage your transition back to the workplace after maternity leave with these 5 tips for making your...
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Janice Haddon

Advice for returning to work: Interview with Janice Haddon

As regular readers will know, I’ve been on maternity leave since January, and I’m now easing myself back into work....
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Emily Bennington

Book review: Who Says It’s a Man’s World: The Girls’ Guide to Corporate Domination

“This is such an incredible, unprecedented time to be a woman in business,” writes Emily Bennington in her book, Who...
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Helen Hitchmough

Building a project management career: interview with Helen Hitchmough

Earlier this month we celebrated International Project Management Day and one of the themes this year was women in project...
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Angela Minzoni

How men and women manage risk differently

Earlier this month International Project Management Day took as one of its themes the role of women in project management....
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International Project Management Day celebrates women in project management

This year, the 9th International Project Management Day has taken ‘women and children’ as its theme. There is something to...
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PMJ research

What women think men think about us

Last week I wrote about some research from the Project Management Journal by Charlotte Neuhauser, PMP. It looked at the...
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Dame Sue Ion her getting her Honorary Fellowship from APM President Martin Barnes at the recent Chairman's lunch

10 Inspirational Women in Project Management

Last year at the PMI Global Congress in Dallas, Peter Taylor gave a presentation celebrating project management. He counterbalanced statistics...
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A shopping guide for a project management Christmas

How are you doing with your Christmas shopping? If your Christmas project planning has gone a bit awry and you...
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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

What is Imposter Syndrome?

This is an extract from my ebook, Overcoming Imposter Syndrome. When Pauline Clance was in graduate school, she was constantly...
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What can we do to encourage women into IT project management?

Last week, the BCS’s Project Eye blogged about the low numbers of women entering science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM)...
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Female breadwinners: an interview with Suzanne Doyle-Morris

In 2009, the book that affected me most was Beyond The Boy’s Club, a book about career strategies for women...
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Michelle Symonds

Do Women Make The Best Project Managers?

      This is a guest post by Michelle Symonds, on behalf of Parallel Project Training. Clearly, men and...
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Research shows women don’t want management jobs

Intellect’s Women in IT Forum and recently released the results of their survey about women working in the technology profession....
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Two people shaking hands

How to Manage in a Matrix Structure Part 2: Dealing with the Challenges

In my last post about project management in a matrix structure I shared 4 challenges of that environment. This week...
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Taking resources from the matrix

How to Manage in a Matrix Structure Part 1: Understanding the Matrix

Most projects operate in some kind of matrixed environment. Project managers rarely have direct line management responsibility for all, if...
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Secret projects and wonderful women: Bletchley Park

Imagine working in a company with 10,000 people. You’re working on a secret project. You don’t know your colleagues from...
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Poland Chapter's project management workshops

Project management in schools: two case studies

Last week I wrote about what the PMI Educational Foundation does. One of the missions of PMIEF is to build...
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SharePoint for Project Management: A case study

Two weeks ago I told you about my trip to Paris to speak at PMI’s Ile de France chapter. The...
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Project Management, Women, and India

    This is a guest post by Soma Bhattacharya, the project manager behind Stepping into Project Management. I returned...
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Research shows female project managers earn less (but we might get more maternity pay)

The Arras People 2011 Benchmark Report is out – and this year the study shows some interesting facts about pay....
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International Women's Day logo

Women manage the cheap, small projects: new research on International Women’s Day

2011 marks the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day.  Today, people all over the world are celebrating the economic, political...
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Ruth Malone

Why are people leaving project management?

Nada Abandah commented on Twitter recently that she knew people who were leaving project management jobs.  When I asked her...
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Can you wait 58 years to earn the same as your male colleagues?

Just as Sarah Brown is launching her new initiative, Women: Inspiration and Enterprise, we get news of more evidence of...
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Book Review: Why Women Mean Business

The Summer of Books 2010 continues with this review of Why Women Mean Business. There’s a skills shortage.  If you...
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Ada Lovelace Day Interview with Melanie Franklin

The last time I met Melanie Franklin I don’t think I made a particularly good impression – I told her...
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The business value of social media

Earlier in the month I attended a womenintechnology event about the business value of social media – something I’m particularly...
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Career moves without getting promoted

Going up? Taking A Sideways Step In The Job Market

Going up isn't your only option when it comes to getting a new job. You can find fulfilling (and better...
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Tomorrow’s Women, Tomorrow’s World

It doesn’t bode well when some of the brightest IT minds in the country can’t get the projector to work. ...
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Tackling the gender pay gap

There has been a lot in the news recently about the gender pay gap, but unfortunately it has all been...
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It’s Equal Pay Day!

The Equality Bill is still – yawn – going through Parliament.  And while I’m not a huge fan, the Bill...
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How to travel for work

Don’t arrive hot and bothered.  It’s OK to take off your coat and jacket on public transport. Honestly, you don’t...
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Be more productive with a tidy desk

Save Time: Tidy Your Desk!

10 Easy tips for keeping your workplace tidy and making you more productive. Put these into practice and you'll soon...
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Beyond the Boys Club Book Review

Book Review: Beyond the Boys’ Club

I’ve reviewed a lot of books this summer.  Have I become better connected to my scattered team?  Hardly.  Have I...
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Equality for women at work – or not?

Oh dear.  The Equality Bill is making it’s way through Parliament and will become law in the autumn next year. ...
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Gadget etiquette

This month in the Office Goddess series, I want to look at using your gadgets at work. You love your...
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The 80/20 rule

This month in the Office Goddess series, I want to look at the Pareto principle, otherwise known as the 80/20...
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New stats on women in IT make old news

You would have thought that with the research on pay gaps and the Exemplar Employer report we would be past...
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Networking: How Do You Do It?

This month, on my mission to turn you all into Office Goddesses, I spoke to Heather White, CEO of The...
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For Ada: an interview with Sophie Kain (part two)

This is part two of my interview with Sophie Kain, director of Prior Kain Ltd, in honour of Ada Lovelace...
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For Ada: an interview with Sophie Kain (part 1)

It’s Ada Lovelace Day, and in honour of the great woman here is an interview with a modern great woman...
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10 Ways to overcome Imposter Syndrome

10 Ways To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

You know how you feel when you get a new project or a whole lot more responsibility and suddenly you...
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Brand You: how do you come across at work?

If a visitor came into your office looking for you, and asked a colleague to point you out, what would...
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Welcome to 2009: Year of the Office Goddess

This year I thought I’d have a theme running through my blog.  Each month there will be a post about...
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How to buy a cocktail dress in 20 minutes

You will need: One department store One friend wearing flat shoes (ideally someone with better dress sense than you) The...
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Book review: Women in Science, Engineering and Technology: three decades of UK initiatives

Women play an active role today in most occupations, but it hasn’t always been easy, especially in technical fields.  is...
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Laura reaches Level A

Laura Magahy is Managing Director of MCO Projects Ltd, which she established in 2000 together with a colleague.  MCO is...
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Launch in the city

Remember the new London women’s networking group, WeAreTheCity?  Their launch event was a huge success:  hundreds of women queuing around...
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Progression of women in PM: new research

Zuzana Botkova, an MBA student, is writing her dissertation on the progression of women in project management.   The main...
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Who is the city?

I’m running late. Not very – in fact, I’ll probably arrive just about on time. But the person I’m meeting...
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Single Equality Bill

Well, the consultation for the Single Equality Bill looks like it’s over. Minister for Equality and Women, Harriet Harman, recently...
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How to be helpful

Set your out of office email response if you’re out for a day or longer. Change your voicemail as well,...
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Hunt for a handbag

Gents, this is a post about earned value analysis*. My trusty handbag for work is coming to the end of...
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Winning women

Monday is the last day for entries to the BlackBerry Women and Technology Awards, so if you haven’t yet put...
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The Office Survival Kit

We are moving offices (it feels like only yesterday that I last did an office move – from beautiful Avenue...
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How to attend a conference

The spring round of industry conferences is coming up, and if you are going to one, here are some tips...
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The Gender Gap

Each week Computing and Computer Weekly rehash old material about how important it is to get more women working in...
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Presents for project managers

Looking for a present for the PM in your life? She might appreciate some of these gifts: Vouchers for Starbucks...
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Networking (part 2)

The other event I attended recently was hosted by the British Computer Society’s North London branch. ‘ITIL deliver – can...
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A question of shopping

There were plenty of questions about project management at last week’s womenintechnology event on how to be a successful woman...
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Networking (part 1)

I’m not that good at networking at conferences and seminars. You know, standing around making small talk with people you...
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Equal pay

I ruined another perfectly good pair of tights today. This is an office problem that men don’t have – at...
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It’s International Women’s Day

It’s international women’s day, a moment to reflect on the state of affairs for women around the globe. In my...
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Why I blog

So I got tagged by Christine Kane. Which means I have to come up with five reasons why I blog....
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Saving Fordhall – more than just a project…

When Sophie Hopkins, 24, took on the role of project manager for the Fordhall Community Land Initiative, I have to...
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Lipstick Project Management and Liberia

I caught Inside Africa at the weekend and heard Swanee Hunt from the Women and Public Policy Program at Harvard...
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There are 2,552 members in the Women in Project Management special interest group of the Project Management Institute, which, all...
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Training Sponsors

"Practising batting my eyelids was essential preparation for a steering group meeting..."
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Every company I’ve worked in has had a healthy contingent of women in their project management teams. But when I...
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