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Women in Project Management [Videos]

Good grief, these videos were hard to track down.

PMI produced a series of video interviews with Beth Partleton on women in project management. The series is 10 short videos; here are the five best. They are all just a few minutes each and safe for work.

This one is advice for men managing women:

And finally, this one asks the question: when will we stop talking about ‘women in project management’?

I finally found these videos thanks to a link on Dave Gordon’s blog. Thanks, Dave!


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  1. Dave Gordon says

    I’m glad my archives were useful :-). Some day, talking about “women in project management” will be like talking about “women in education.” But we won’t get there unless we do more than just talk.

    • Elizabeth Harrin says

      Agree. I hope that sharing videos like this helps keep the conversation going, but in truth it’s a discussion that men have to be a part of, or we won’t reach the ‘some day’. Thanks, Dave!

  2. Nik says

    Thanks for the inspiration! As women we have advantages with being better communicators to further engage our employees. I just read an article on how we make better managers… according to Gallup we are better at engaging out teams 🙂

    • Elizabeth Harrin says

      Thanks for the link to that article, Nik. I think the ‘women are better at communicating than men’ argument is changing with time. It may have been very true 50 years ago but things have moved on for both sexes since then. Generally though, truisms tend to be based in reality, so I expect for many workplaces that still holds true today. I’d be interested to see if research shows that men are ‘getting better’ at communicating.

  3. Julia says

    Thanks for sharing! I heard myself being described in the second video, While I am confident and decisive, I decided long ago that I wanted my teams to own the projects not just me, so I do encourage all of them to step up and take a more active role. I design my meetings so everyone is talking not just me, the project team leads meetings with stakeholders and help to disseminate information. I’ve had pretty good success with this model.

    • Elizabeth Harrin says

      Julia, it sounds like you’ve got meetings down to a fine art! Anything that makes them more useful and less dull has to be a good thing. If you can get people to participate they are more likely to get on with their actions as well, in my experience.


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