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What I’m Reading [March 2016]

Project Management book recommendations

It’s been an odd month for reading. I’ve tried to choose things to read that are short because while I like the escape of a novel, I am struggling to find the brainpower to commit to anything for any length of time.

I read The Half Truth*, by Sue Fortin, a story with a cover that belies what it is really about. It is far better and more gripping than you are led to believe.

I quickly read Participative Transformation* by Roger Klev and Morten Levin before it went out to Karol, the giveaway winner. That’s another book with an odd cover.

Time To Cook

I read by Roz Denny. Not because my kids are veggie but because I want them to eat more vegetables. There were some good recipes in here, and I’m looking forward to trying the potato skins (not sure why I have never cooked these before) as soon as I get an oven that actually works. We’re switching gas for electric and I can’t wait.

I used to copy out recipes; now I take photos on my iPad of recipes so I have them when I need them.

Reading With The Boys

We love . The rhymes are great, the rhythm is strong. The pictures are also great; it’s fun to hunt the little boat on each page and I love picture books where the words don’t tell the whole story.

I read another children’s book too – this one for much, much older children. The YA section of the library is where I gravitate most often, and wanting to choose something short I picked Bang, Bang, You’re Dead by Narider Dhami. What a twist. I can’t give you any details about it without revealing the ending except that it’s about a school shooting. Recommended for your teens.

I read the award-winning Mum of Boys blog too, and while I don’t read it with the boys, it helps me put my own parenting into perspective. I think it is helpful to read what other parents are doing and struggling with. The Mum of Boys is now pregnant with her third child and she doesn’t know whether it’s going to be a boy or a girl.

Collaboration Tools for Project Managers

The cover of Collaboration Tools for Project Managers

Collaboration Tools for Project Managers

I’ve also read my own book, Collaboration Tools for Project Managers (now available for advanced orders just in case, you know, you want to buy one), a lot. That’s what happens in the last stages of getting a book ready for publication. My editor and I have been exchanging emails about typos, choosing icons for the cover, references and sources, layout and all the finer details. Consequently, I’ve read the manuscript thoroughly and then kept dipping in and out, going back to Social Media for Project Managers, and back to my notes and then to the page proofs again to check things.

For all I said The Half Truth’s cover didn’t adequately explain the story, I know that getting the front cover right on any book is difficult. What do you think of what we’ve chosen for Collaboration Tools for Project Managers?

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