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What I’m Reading [April 2016]

Project Management reading list

We’re gearing up for PMI EMEA in Barcelona next month so I’ve read The Rough Guide To Travel with Babies and Young Children. OK, Spain isn’t the back of beyond, and I skipped the parts about camping and dealing with unsafe drinking water.

It had some tips on planning for the journey, which is really the bit I am most nervous about. How will I keep two toddlers in their seats for the flight? Will they cope with the noise and the crowds (because often one of them won’t)?

I’m sure it will be fine and a big adventure, but I’ll be glad when we have made it to the apartment.

Personal Best

It was also the APM Conference this month and as part of the goodie bag we got copies of Marc Woods’ book Personal Best. I started reading it on the journey home and it was very inspirational. Marc was diagnosed with cancer as a teenager and had his leg amputated below the knee. He went on to win Paralympian Gold for swimming several times over, individually and as a team, and was a charismatic and generous opening keynote speaker.

He talked about how he realised the relay team wasn’t coming together as a team and how he was able to change his style to help them swim to success. The book tells his story in more detail as well as including plenty of practical tips for personal motivation, staying focused, setting meaningful goals and working with others.

It was one of the best ‘motivational’ speeches I’ve seen that weaves through themes relevant to business people and the book gives you more of the same. Highly recommended. I found some snippets of his talk given at another event on YouTube.

Getting Distracted…

I started reading The Social Project Manager and then got distracted with Between You And Me by Julia Clark.

I’m really glad I didn’t look this book up on Amazon before I started it as the two big twists (one I saw coming and one I didn’t) are given away by the book details. It’s another YA novel, and that is my preferred shelf in the library. In this story, teenagers Jade and Jack have a happy friendship that starts to unravel over the course of a term as they deal with secrets of their own.

Our Bear Hunt

I think the only book I have read to Oliver over the last fortnight has been . At his request – please don’t think he has nothing else to choose except that one.

I remember the story from when I was a child except I’m sure we had the lines:

We’re going on a bear hunt

I’m not scared

I’ve got my gun by my side

And my bullets – pyew.

Needless to say, Helen Oxenbury’s gentle images are not accompanied by those lines in Michael Rosen’s 1993 version.

We went on a bear hunt of sorts at the weekend, yomping through a local forest on the lookout for wild garlic. We found enough to make wilted ramsons for tea, from The Hedgerow Cookbook: 100 Delicious Recipes for Wild Food which I got for Christmas.

Have you read anything good recently? If you need some suggestions, check out my Top 10 Must-Read Business Books Ever.

This article contains affiliate links.

Project Management reading list

Project Management reading list

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