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Training: The Productivity Blueprint for Project Managers

Join Elizabeth Harrin for a substantive live training workshop on productivity strategies to help you manage your time.

At this workshop you will learn:

  • Why you need to be a portfolio thinker
  • Two ways to prioritize even when everything is important (so you can pick your favorite)
  • Two time management strategies that literally tell you what to focus on first
  • A whole bunch of tactics to get the most out of your time with others…
  • And more tactics to help you plan time to actually do your work

Please allow 1.5 hours for this training which includes time for Q&A. I will stay on the line and answer all your team engagement questions!

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Change Management Workshop

A 3-week workshop, with two calls per week. There’s a teaching call covering change management processes and techniques, with plenty of practical and tactical tools to put into use. Then we have office hours Q&A time for catch ups, questions, support with assignments and whatever other queries or discussions you want to raise.

Starts January 2020.

Webinar Replays

Below you’ll find a collection of curated tutorials. For even more training videos, FAQ and mini-training sessions, join our private Facebook community, Project Management Cafe.

Tips for Managing Multiple Projects

This webinar looks at how to keep all the balls in the air while managing multiple projects.

What it Takes to be a Successful Project Manager

In this webinar we look at how to succeed personally as a project manager, how to succeed in a team and in your organisation.

Reframing Work: Strategies for Managing All the Things

In this webinar we look at practical strategies for managing your To Do list, and creative approaches for prioritizing work.

More How To Guides

  • How To Manage Multiple Projects At The Same Time
    Copy what I do to manage your tasks, resources and time across several projects at once! This article shares loads of tips for staying on top of lots of different projects at once.
  • Lessons Learned Management Techniques [Podcast]
    Find out about the project lessons learned management techniques that will help you run effective lessons learned and retrospective sessions. There are also links to further information and free lessons learned project management templates. Enjoy!
  • How to Manage Fixed Date Projects
    A fixed date project is one that has a defined — and often unmovable — end date for delivery. Learn how to manage fixed date projects.
  • Zombie Projects and How to Kill Them
    Learn how to kill off those projects that never seem to end! These tips will help you define and scope the rest of the work and get it finished or cancel the project completely. Includes a case study.
  • How To Ask To Work Remotely
    Learn 5 steps to convincing your boss that not being in the office is a good idea along with examples to use in your proposal.

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