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The Parent Project: Month 1

As regular readers will know, I’m on maternity leave. And I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of the Otobos family: Jack.


Baby Jack, born 5 February 2013.

There was a bit of a discussion after my recent article about 6 things I didn’t know about being a project manager about how project management is like parenting, and it does have similarities. However, at the moment life here is mainly about sleeping and feeding, which has a certain repetitiveness that isn’t very project-y.

One thing so far has been particularly project-like: Jack was born on his due date, one of around 5% of babies each year who arrive exactly on time. Needless to say, my colleagues think it is hilarious that I managed to deliver this particular project bang on the final milestone.

Over the coming months I’ll be exploring how parenthood is like project management. What tips do you have?

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