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Terms of Reference [Free Template]

Free project management templates, Terms of ReferenceA month has gone past…that means it must be time for a new template!

This month’s free project management template is a Terms of Reference document. This is a really versatile document. I use it mainly for two things:

  • Putting down in writing what my Steering Group are actually supposed to do to set the ‘ground rules’ for that group and their meetings. This helps them keep a focus on the job at hand, not get too much into the detail and helps them and others take the project seriously.
  • To define what a particular workstream on a project is supposed to do. This is helpful when there’s a technical stream of work being led by someone, and then other strands being picked up by other people. It’s almost a cut-down version of the Project Initiation Document, as it relates to a particular set of individuals and tasks. I like it because it helps them and me see what their particular role is and the responsibilities that fall within their remit.

You could use it to define almost anything: the remit of your school parent teacher association, the terms for a client project. Anything where you need to quickly summarise the high level deliverables, objectives, people, cost and time commitments without going into pages of detail that might not be relevant to them.

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There you will able to download the Terms of Reference template. It’s a Microsoft Word document, and as always you’ll have to edit it to take out my notes and put in your text (and don’t forget to update the headers and footers too).

I don’t mind you using my free project management templates for your work purposes but please don’t sell them!

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Elizabeth HarrinElizabeth Harrin is a Fellow of the Association for Project Management in the UK and the award-winning blogger behind A Girl's Guide To Project Management. She's passionate about demystifying project management and making tools and techniques work in the real world. She's also the author of several books including the PMI bestseller, Collaboration Tools for Project Managers.

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