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Penny Pullan talks about writing A Short Guide to Facilitating Risk Management

In this video I talk to Penny Pullan, co-author of A Short Guide to Facilitating Risk Management. If you prefer to read a transcript, that follows below. This was filmed on location at the PMI EMEA Congress in Dublin. Elizabeth: Well, I’m here today with Penny Pullan who is the co-author of the ... READ the POST

Villanova Friday, Week 3: IT Leadership Alchemy

This video discusses the course text book I'm using for my Maximizing IT/IS Team Effectiveness studies. For those of you who would prefer to read the transcript, it's below. This is the course book that I’m using for the Maximizing IT/IS Team Effectiveness course that I’m taking with ... READ the POST

Managing a Film Project

How do you keep the production of a film on time, on budget and on scope?  In this video I discuss these issues with short film producer, Michael Savva.  A transcript follows, or you can view the transcript as a .pdf file. Elizabeth Harrin: Well, hello! I’m Elizabeth Harrin from A Girl’s ... READ the POST


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