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Brexit: The Implications for Project Managers

Next week the UK goes to the polls to vote on whether we should leave the European Union. If the country votes for Brexit, the implications for British business are huge. The implications for the country overall are massive too, but a lot has been written about that already and I’m not in a position ... READ the POST

How the Under 30s Are Changing Project Management

In today's Expert Views feature I'm interviewing former APM Young Project Manager of the Year, Will Sargeant (pictured below, he's not the girl in the photo above), who works with consulting firm North Highland. We spoke about how the under 30's are influencing project teams today. Hello, Will. ... READ the POST

Predicting the State of Online PM Software: Was Jason Westland Right?

This is a guest post by Jason Westland. Some links are affiliate links. At the end of 2013 on this blog, I made three predictions for the future of online software. This is one area of project management that is evolving at a rapid pace, and I wanted to call out the trends I was witnessing. It’s ... READ the POST


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