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Review: ConceptDraw MINDMAP [2009]

ConceptDraw Office is an entire software suite designed around the project management lifecycle. The first piece in the suite is ConceptDraw MINDMAP, which is “a business and personal productivity tool that collects ideas and organizes them into a visual map.” It’s a tool for on-screen ... READ the POST

Software Review: Clarizen

Clarizen is an online, ‘software as a service’ project management tool that has integration with other desktop applications.  It’s aimed at small and medium sized companies that can’t justify the investment in all-singing-all-dancing project management software, which costs a lot to implement in ... READ the POST

Interview with Vadim Katcherovski

Earlier this month I reviewed Easy Projects .NET, a project management package from Logic Software.  There's a bit of a trend with more and more players coming into the project management tools arena, and more companies are leaning towards web-based tools that help with collaborative working.  Easy ... READ the POST

Interview with Dean Carlson

Earlier this week I reviewed Viewpath Express, a free web-based project management tool.  Viewpath is not positioning itself as a rival to Microsoft Project, so I thought it would be interesting to find out what they are aiming for with their project management software.  I interviewed Dean Carlson, ... READ the POST

Software review: Viewpath Express

Viewpath 2.0 is web-based project management tool.  Earlier this month the company announced at the Office 2.0 Conference in San Francisco that it was making Viewpath Express free and available to anyone.  They can do this because there are adverts all down the right hand side of the page.  They ... READ the POST

Software Review: Easy Projects .NET

This month I’ve been writing various project management software reviews and Easy Projects .NET has been on my list to investigate for quite some time.  Amanda set me up with a demo account and I had a test drive. The first time you log in the tutorial page appears with seven easy steps to ... READ the POST


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