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7 Most Important Leadership Behaviors for Female Project Managers

While I was researching my book, Customer-Centric Project Management, I came across a piece of research in the Project Management Journal about women's leadership skills. 'Project Management Leadership Behaviors and Frequency of Use by Female Project Managers' by Charlotte Neuhauser, PMP, looks ... READ the POST

3 Challenges for Project Success

In this article, guest contributor Piers McLeish explains the data behind his recent survey. Following a recent survey we looked at areas for improvement, where a lack of visibility over data is causing problems as well as the most important features and factors key stakeholders should look ... READ the POST

What women think men think about us

Last week I wrote about some research from the Project Management Journal by Charlotte Neuhauser, PMP. It looked at the leadership behaviours valued by women and how frequently we apply them. Neuhauser's research also asked female project managers to report on how they thought they were perceived ... READ the POST

Social Media in a Project Environment: 2011 Survey Results

Over 75% of you feel that social media tools provide the opportunity to improve the way you manage projects, according to this year’s Social Media in a Project Environment survey. The 2011 results show how project managers around the world are using social media tools to manage projects and lead ... READ the POST

Research shows female project managers earn less (but we might get more maternity pay)

The Arras People 2011 Benchmark Report is out – and this year the study shows some interesting facts about pay. Pay for female project professionals peaks at the £30k to £40k salary band.  Salaries for women over £65k are rare, and only 15% of women earn over £50k. Male salaries plateau between ... READ the POST


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