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How to train your project sponsor

Unfortunately you might not be able to choose someone as your project sponsor who meets all the criteria of a good project sponsor – that is, if you have the luxury of being able to choose at all. Most likely you’ll just get lumped with someone and you’ll have to do your best to work with them. ... READ the POST

What makes a good project sponsor?

Last week I presented some FAQ for project sponsors. Having a good, active project sponsor is one of the ways you can ward off project failure. So if you are in the enviable situation of being able to choose who you have as your project sponsor, you need to look for someone who will do a good job. ... READ the POST

Project Sponsor FAQ

Craig Brown has been writing about the job description of a project sponsor over at Better Projects. I have pulled together an FAQ for project sponsors, which you can use if you're having difficulty explaining to someone what a project sponsor actually does. Why does a project need a sponsor? To ... READ the POST

Training Sponsors

Neville Turbit from Project Perfect has recently given me some material for a great case study for my forthcoming book on training your sponsor. He's covered the same topic on his blog recently too, and it's good advice. The sponsor one of my projects has recently changed, so I'll be moving into ... READ the POST


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