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Good service, bad service

“Good morning, Elizabeth,” says the man at the coffee stand. “The usual?” “Yes, please.” I fiddle with my purse to get the correct change. “Sorry, I don’t have enough money,” I say. “I’ll just go to the cash machine.” I leave the counter and cross the street to the nearest cash point. ... READ the POST

Tackling the issues of cross-border projects

This is the last in a 3-part series about managing cross-cultural and international teams. Missed the earlier posts? Read the first bit here, and the second bit here. The biggest issues for international projects are cultural understanding and communication. The former isn’t something that can be ... READ the POST

Challenges for the project manager

This is part 2 of a 3-part series about managing cross-cultural and international teams. Missed part 1? Read it here. Project managers taking on international projects face a variety of practical challenges. For example, time zones are important. How will you conduct real-time team meetings? Who ... READ the POST

Cross-border projects

This is the first in a 3-part series about managing cross-cultural and international teams. The world of business is continually shrinking: we work in an environment with real-time audio visual communication with colleagues on the other side of the world and online translation tools. Even small ... READ the POST

Back from the brink

Andrew Ball, head of IT Performance Audit at the Audit Commission, was one of the speakers at last week’s BPUG Congress. He spoke during a session in the strategic project and programme management strand about how to cope when projects go wrong. The main thrust of his argument was trying to avoid ... READ the POST

Getting it right in government

The UK Government's Public Accounts Committee has put together a report called 'Delivering successful IT-enabled business change,' about how government projects are performing.  The report concludes that some projects actually turn out pretty well, but those learnings are not carried across to other ... READ the POST

Making a good business case

I found this white paper about putting together a business case on IT Toolbox. It depends on how you interpret the term ‘business case’ but for me this document is more a feasibility study: what is the problem, what could we do about it and what have we decided to do. A ‘pure’ business case ... READ the POST


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