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The winning side: project management at Lloyd’s Register

“I left school with minimal qualifications,” said Roger Clutton, Programme Director at Lloyd’s Register Group Services Ltd.  “I was probably programmed to feel not good at things.”  Clutton is the self-confessed project manager for “horrible projects” at the risk management organisation which ... READ the POST

How Social Media Changes Project Management

Today, Andrew Filev, who writes the fab Project Management 2.0 blog, and I are swapping posts.  We agreed on the loose topic of social media and project management.  Andrew has a great deal of knowledge on enterprise 2.0 and social media, so I'm glad to have him as a guest author today.  You can ... READ the POST

Five things I want to do before I’m 35

I’ve just come back from Jukkasjärvi in Sweden, a place I’ve wanted to visit for ever because it’s where they build the magnificent Ice Hotel every year.  It was on the list of things to do before I hit 30, but I didn’t make it.It struck me as a coincidence that just as I came back from ... READ the POST

Risks, improv and chocolate

“Most books on branding,” Adam says, “focus on what it takes for a brand to be great: follow these steps, tick the boxes on a flow chart.”“PRINCE2 training is just like that,” I reply.  “If you complete these documents your project will be a success. That’s not how things work in the real ... READ the POST


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