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Project management in schools: two case studies

Last week I wrote about what the PMI Educational Foundation does. One of the missions of PMIEF is to build project management skills in young people and teachers, better equipping students for the future. How exactly does it do that? At PMI’s EMEA Leadership Institute Meeting in Dublin in 2011, two ... READ the POST

A right Royal project

In case you’ve been living under a rock, today’s the day that Prince William of Wales marries Catherine Middleton, and it feels like London has been turned into one big Union Jack. I planned my wedding in Microsoft Project, and I’m not the only project manager who considered their big day worthy ... READ the POST

The winning side: project management at Lloyd’s Register

“I left school with minimal qualifications,” said Roger Clutton, Programme Director at Lloyd’s Register Group Services Ltd.  “I was probably programmed to feel not good at things.”  Clutton is the self-confessed project manager for “horrible projects” at the risk management organisation which ... READ the POST

How Social Media Changes Project Management

Today, Andrew Filev, who writes the fab Project Management 2.0 blog, and I are swapping posts.  We agreed on the loose topic of social media and project management.  Andrew has a great deal of knowledge on enterprise 2.0 and social media, so I'm glad to have him as a guest author today.  You can ... READ the POST


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