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The Conscious Project Leader [Book Review]

I have been a bit lax with project management reading recently but one book that I have made time for is The Conscious Project Leader: How to Create a Culture of Success for Your Projects, Your Team and Yourself. I was lucky enough to find Colin D Ellis through talking to Ellen Maynes. It didn't ... READ the POST

Virtual Leadership: Interview With Author Penny Pullan

In this video I interview author Penny Pullan about her new book, Virtual Leadership: Practical Strategies for Getting the Best Out of Virtual Work and Virtual Teams, which is out this year. We filmed this video in an apartment in Barcelona where we were staying during the PMI Global Congress. It ... READ the POST

Leadership Toolbox for Project Managers [Book Review]

"The current project management theory was first defined in the 20th century, when organizations were based on the operational model with only a few projects" writes Michel Dion in his book, Leadership Toolbox for Project Managers. He goes on: That model was appropriate in the 20th century when the ... READ the POST


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