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4 Management Styles for Giving Feedback to Colleagues with Examples

How often do you give positive praise or other feedback to your team? Probably every day, even if you don't realize it. In this article, I'm looking at 4 different styles for giving feedback to a colleague as a manager. My style for giving feedback is one of positive praise. I say things ... READ the POST

7 Most Important Leadership Behaviors for Female Project Managers

While I was researching my book, Customer-Centric Project Management, I came across a piece of research in the Project Management Journal about women's leadership skills. 'Project Management Leadership Behaviors and Frequency of Use by Female Project Managers' by Charlotte Neuhauser, PMP, looks ... READ the POST

Business Analyst & Project Manager Relationship: Collaborate for Success

This is a guest post by Laura Brandenburg, describing how to get the best out of the project manager and business analyst relationship. Before I forget, I want to be sure you know about Laura’s Quick Start to Success as a Business Analyst training (it’s free) that’s designed to help you business ... READ the POST


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