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How The PMP Exam is Changing in 2020

It’s widely known that the Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam is changing in July 2020, but what exactly is going to be different? Whoah, the exam is changing? I didn’t know. How did that happen? OK, so maybe it’s not that widely known. Every so often PMI carry out an assessment of what a ... READ the POST

The Ultimate Guide to Getting People to Take Responsibility At Work

Much of what we do today relies on other people – other people who don’t work for us. Whether it was as part of a project or another professional interaction, I’m sure you have met colleagues who aren’t taking responsibility at work for their tasks. It’s a pain to work with coworkers who won’t step ... READ the POST

8 Free and Low Cost Project Management Resources

There was a question in our Facebook group recently: where can I get project management templates? And another question: where can I get free or cheap project management training materials? There are many premium project management templates available -- including my template bundles and ebooks. ... READ the POST


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