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There are a lot of project management software tools to choose from! If you’re looking for the perfect product for your business, here’s a quick tool finder that will help you uncover a shortlist of tools to look at.

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To help you find the right project management software for your business, I’ve teamed up with the project management team over at to give you access to their software finder.

All you need to do is run through the form below (should take about a minute or so) and they will instantly compare 270+ project management products and send you a shortlist based on your requirements. You’ll also get a custom report showing you why these products were chosen and why they fit your business – all free of charge.

If you’re looking for a new solution to manage your projects, give it a go below…

Software Reviews

Here is a collection of recent project management software reviews.

GanttPRO Review + Mini Tutorial

Check out my GanttPRO review to find out if this Gantt chart software is right for you. Also includes a...
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presenting at work

How Organisations Can Set up New Project Leaders for Success

Understand and learn what new project leaders and managers need to be successful with these tips for project leader success.
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complex project environments

Brain Sensei: PMP Training Review [2020]

Brain Sensei is a cost-effective, online video PMP training course. Highly interactive, it makes learning project management for the exam...
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How to Use a Work OS to Supercharge Your Project Management

A work operating system (work OS) is an online work management tool that lets you work the way you want...
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Have you tried Gantter?

Gantter is fully-featured project management software that lets you create Gantt charts. It has complete Google integration so you can...
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project management training

BrainBOK Review: PMP and CAPM Training [2020]

ITTOs, quizzes, flashcards and practice exams are all a part of this PMP and CAPM study tool. Find out what...
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What we want from project management tools in 2020

This is my wishlist for project management tools in 2020. Find out what they are and hopefully what we can...
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The Best Meeting Minutes Transcription Software: An Independent Test and Review

I reviewed three different tools to find the best meeting minute transcription software that you can use in your in...
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Bridge24 Software Review

Bridge24 Software Review [2019]

Bridge24 provides advanced reporting and exporting capabilities for Asana, Trello, Basecamp and AceProject.
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Backlog Review (Nulab – 2019)

Backlog (from Nulab) is a project management tool for prioritising and tracking work. This is a review of the product...
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lessons learned

Can you use Slack for project management?

Ever wondered if you can use Slack for project management? You can - and here's how one digital project manager...
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The Ultimate Guide to Easy Dashboards for Projects

This guide will show how you can make the best use of dashboards on your project to track metrics and...
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GamePlan review

GamePlan Project Management Software Review [2019]

A review of GamePlan project management software, a virtual whiteboard for planning your projects.
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Sharepoint for project managers

How to Improve User Adoption of SharePoint for Project Management

I’m delighted to be working with BrightWork to bring you this article by Micheál Clesham. Read on to find out...
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Best Productivity Tools for Teams

7 Productivity Tools for Teams That You’ve Never Heard Of

These are the best productivity tools for teams, so you can stay organised and focused, and do more of what...
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Proggio software review

Is Proggio Right for Your Team? An Independent Review

Proggio is project management software that puts people at the heart of planning. Find out more in this comprehensive review....
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Software Review: Vizzlo [2018]

Here is my review of Vizzlo, a great tool for creating charts and business graphics for your project management presentations...
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Genius Project

Is Genius Project Right for You? Read My Detailed Review

Read my review of Genius Project to find out if this enterprise software tool is the right one for your...
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CornerThought software review

How to Surface The Right Lessons Learned with CornerThought Software

Looking for a lessons learned software that has a way of finding the right lessons at the right time? CornerThought...
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Teamdeck: Software Review [2018]

Learn more about this resource management tool in my Teamdeck software review and find out how it can help your...
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AlchemyWorks software review

AlchemyWorks: Software Review [2018]

Looking for a project management software solution? Read my AlchemyWorks software review to see if it is the right fit...
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Slenke review How To Get Started [Software Review]

Looking for an online based project management software tool that allows you to work with a team? Read my Slenke...
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How to Get Started with MindManager 2018

How To Get Started With MindManager 2018 [Software Review]

Learn how to get started with Mindjet MindManager 2018. This MindManager review and mini-tutorial on how to create a mindmap...
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How To Categorise Data in Project Management Software

Data taxonomy is a great way to find the data that you need in project management software tools. This how...
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ConceptDraw Office 4 Review

Software Review: ConceptDraw Office 4

Here's my review of ConceptDraw. The suite of software in ConceptDraw Office 4 includes Pro 11, Mindmap 9, and Project...
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Software Review: ITM Platform [2017]

I spent some time using this online project management software and here is my ITM Platform software review. Find out...
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Roadmap Planner Review

Software Review: Roadmap Planner [2017]

Roadmap Planner is a simple app designed for creating strategic plans. It’s suitable for portfolio managers or programme managers on...
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Online Training RapidStart PMO Review

Online Training: RapidStart PMO Review

Philip Diab's RapidStart PMO online course is perfect for those looking to get a PMO set up quickly and effectively.
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OnlinePMCourses Review

Online Training: OnlinePMCourses Review

A comprehensive review of the project management online training course OnlinePMCourses. This is what I thought of it.
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Next Generation Project Management Software

Elizabeth Harrin, Maria Cristina Barbero and Luca Romano discuss emerging software trends for project management.
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Expert Guide To Collaboration Tools

The 5-Step Expert Guide To Choosing Collaboration Tools

Maxime Villeger stops by to share this handy guide for all project managers on choosing collaboration tools. Follow this step...
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A beginner's guide to backups for project managers

A Beginner’s Guide To Backup For Project Managers

Everything you ever wanted to know about backing up your project files but were afraid to ask.
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Rebel PM Toolkit

Let me into the Resource Library! Get access to over 30 project management templates, ebooks, checklists and more. The secret...
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Software Review: BusiBI Project Manager 2016 v5.7

Looking for an iPad app that will help you manage multiple projects? BusiBI might be just what you are after....
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Tips for choosing collaboration tools

4 Real-Life Tips For Choosing Collaboration Tools

See how one company chose their collaboration tool and increased revenue by about 25%. These 4 tips, drawn from a...
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iMindQ Software Review

Software Review: iMindQ 4.1 Online and Windows [2016]

Learn why iMindQ mindmapping software could be just the tool for your project team. The web version is free! Here's...
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Software Review: [2016] is fully-featured project management software for teams, complete with Gantt chart, which you don't always find in online tools....
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How To Manage Multiple Projects At The Same Time

Copy what I do to manage your tasks, resources and time across several projects at once! This article shares loads...
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Taming the Chaos with integrated Project management

Taming The Chaos With Integrated PM Tools [Case Study]

Find out how one company managed to tame the chaos of disparate systems by using integrated project management tools. This...
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Industry-Specific PM Tools

Industry-Specific PM Tools: Are They Worth It?

Find out if it's worth getting a project management tool specific to your industry. I investigate on behalf of a...
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Viewer for Primavera review

Software Review: Project Viewer for Primavera [2016]

This article was updated with minor amends on 27 March 2016. General Information Name: Project Viewer for Primavera Vendor: Seavus...
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Boost profitability with time tracking

How Tracking Time on Projects Boosted One Company’s Profits Almost 50%

Find out how Big Blue Digital used time tracking and project management software to increase their project profitability by almost...
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Simplestimate software review

Software review: Simplestimate [2016]

Find out more about how to make estimating simple with this software review of Simplestimate. I weigh up the pros...
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Project Management Tools and Free Templates

15 Awesome Tools I Use To Manage My Projects

Everyone has their favourite tools that they return to time and time again. Here are my top 15: a mixture...
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Project Management Trends

2015: Reviewing Trends in Project Management and Collaboration

I made some predictions about what trends would affect project management in the first edition of *. I’ve updated that...
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Using Huddle for project management case study

Using Huddle for Project Management [Case Study]

Huddle is a really popular tool for collaboration and it can be used for managing projects. Find out how Cedar...
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Managing projects with spreadsheets

6 Reasons Why Project Management Is Impossible With Spreadsheets

How practical is it to manage a project with spreadsheets? Find out in this article and learn what might trip...
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Why projects are really about people and teams

Project Management is Actually About People

Project management is really about people,and when you know that, you realise that managing the time of those people is...
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project pulse logo

Software Review: ProjectPulse [2015]

Read my review of ProjectPulse, an online project reporting tool designed to make it easier to communicate with stakeholders. I...
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Collaboration tools survey results

How Do You Use Collaboration Tools? Survey Results

The results of the 2015 collaboration tools and project management survey are in! Find out how your colleagues use technology...
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Bugilo software overview

Bugilo [Software Overview 2015]

In this latest software overview, learn more about Bugilo, the project management and team management tool that's new on the...
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Paymo logo

Software Review: Paymo [2017]

Find out more about project management and time tracking app Paymo. Perfectly designed for small businesses and client-facing organisations, it...
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Christian Kotzbauer Interview

Christian Kotzbauer on PM Software Trends [Interview]

The Managing Director of Genius Project, Christian Kotzbauer, talks about the future of project management software and what's new for...
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Software review Whiteboard

Software Review: Whiteboard [2015]

Read my review of task management tool Whiteboard. It's a simple, mobile-friendly task management app that would work well for...
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Software Review: Celoxis [2015]

In the market for new project management software? This review of enterprise software Celoxis may just mean you've found the...
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inLoox Software review

Software review: InLoox now! [2015]

Read my software review of InLoox now!, a project management tool with a German pedigree and a full suite of...
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Enterprise Software

Enterprise Software: Are You Still Looking for Best-in-Class?

Is best-in-class still something you should look for in an enterprise project management system? Sanket Pai argues that an all-one-solution...
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Mistakes to avoid with social media on projects

Social Media on Projects: 5 Common Mistakes

There continues to be debate around how best to implement social media and collaboration tools on projects. Learn about the...
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State of online PM software

Predicting the State of Online PM Software: Was Jason Westland Right?

This is a guest post by Jason Westland. Some links are affiliate links. At the end of 2013 on this...
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Photo of Pawel

What users want from project software: A case study

Pawel Wieckowski from GlaxoSmithKline presented a case study on their project software deployment at the Gartner PPM & IT Summit...
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Software review: Comindware Project [2014]

General information Name: Comindware Project Vendor: Comindware Hosting options: Web hosted and locally hosted Cost:Cloud service starts at $29.99 per...
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Resource calendar view in twproject

Software review: Twproject [2014]

General information Name: Twproject Vendor: Open Lab Hosting options: Web hosted and locally hosted Cost: Locally hosted from 1 user...
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activeCollab reports

Software review: activeCollab [2014]

General information Name: activeCollab Vendor: A51 Hosting options: Web hosted and locally hosted Cost: From $25 for a small cloud...
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Software review: Glip [2014]

General information Name: Glip Vendor: Glip Hosting options: Web hosted Cost: Free for basic features, 5GB of storage and up...
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Zach Watson

Will Project Management Benefit from the Internet of Things?

This is a guest post by Zach Watson of TechnologyAdvice. The Internet of Things is perhaps the new most-used phrase...
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Building successful project teams

How do you build a successful project team? Tips from Microsoft

Leadership, teaming, technology adoption and measuring effectiveness are the four things that Mike Hughes, Office Business Group Lead for Microsoft...
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Microsoft 2013

Book review: Microsoft Project 2013: The Missing Manual

In Microsoft Project 2013: The Missing Manual, Bonnie Biafore aims to share the basics of project management and how to...
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Review: Primavera P6 Video Training

Project management tools come in many shapes and flavours, and most of what I review is software designed to manage...
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Software Review: Less Meeting

General information Name: Less Meeting Version: 1.3.2, I tested the iPad app Vendor: Less Meeting Hosting options: Web hosting Cost...
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Software review: [2013]

General information Name: (beta version) Vendor: Looks like this is managed by an individual Hosting options: Online Costs and...
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Software review: Podio

General information Name: Podio Vendor: Citrix Systems Hosting options: Online Costs and plans: Lite version with up to 5 employees...
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Michael Vernik

My most complex project (and why I didn’t use a Gantt chart to manage it)

This is a guest post by Michael Vernik, Co-founder and CEO of DigiSpoke. In previous roles, I was responsible for...
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Build a PPM and ERP compatibility test

This contribution to Software September comes from Neil Stolovitsky, who writes about factors to consider when linking your project management...
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Software review: Squish [2013]

General information Name: Squish Version: 5.2.1 Vendor: Information Services Management Inc Hosting options: Web hosted only Cost and plans: A...
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Connect 4

Gamification in project management

Last year, it was all about social media. This year’s hot new trend is gamification. What’s that, I hear you...
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Healthcheck indicators

Software review: Project Portfolio Office

General information Name: Project Portfolio Office Vendor: Project Portfolio Office Hosting options: Web hosted only Cost and plans: Up to...
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Matilda Jernevad

Get started with Social Business! How to encourage the use of a new social collaboration tool

This is a guest post by Matilda Jernevad, Market Analyst at Projectplace International. Ever heard of Social Business? Well, if...
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Gantt chart view

Software Review: Celoxis

General information Name: Celoxis Vendor: Celoxis Technologies Hosting options: There is a web hosted version and a version you can...
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Neil Stolovitsky

Process-Driven Project Management: Minimizing the inherent risks within projects

This is a guest post by Neil Stolovitsky, Senior Solution Specialist at Genius Inside. Although the fundamentals of project management...
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BYOD: the new trend

Do you use your own iPad or phone at work? If so, you are part of the growing trend of...
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Screenshot of MyProjects Lite

Software review: MyProjects Lite

General information Name: MyProjects Lite Vendor: Avellana Software Hosting options: Web hosted Cost: Lite version for iPhone/iPad is free. The...
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The future of project management software: the Microsoft view

In this video, Richard Gordon from Microsoft discusses the role of SharePoint, bemoans the fact companies don’t upgrade to the...
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My New iPad book

Can you really work on an iPad?

Software September continues with a look at iPad applications for business. Last year, I got an iPad. I didn’t choose...
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Will Project Management Software Solve the Project Failure Problem?

This is a guest post by Curt Finch, CEO of Journyx. Despite the myriad advances made in project management technology...
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TeamworkPM logo

Software review: TeamworkPM [2011]

General information Name: TeamworkPM Vendor: Digital Crew Application Developers Hosting options: Web hosted version only Cost and plans: 30 day...
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CMI discussion page

Using social media tools for communication: a case study

One of the questions I’m asked frequently is: “How do I use social media tools for communication?” I addressed this...
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Starting a new project in Birdview

5 Project Management Apps You’ve Never Heard Of

Have you come across these 5 project management tools?
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WBS in RationalPlan

Software review: RationalPlan [2011]

General information Name: RationalPlan Vendor: Stand by Soft Ltd Hosting options: Locally hosted. There is a free trial but it...
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Calendar View

Software review: Apollo [2011]

General information Name: Apollo Vendor: Applicom Hosting options: Web hosted version only Cost and plans: Free.  The company will add...
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Adding new tasks in Ace Project

Software review: AceProject [2011]

General information Name: AceProject Vendor: Websystems, Inc. Hosting options: There is a web hosted version and a version you can...
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Daptiv PPM: What’s new in 2010?

This summer, Daptiv’s acquisition by Parallax Capital Partners created a fair amount of chatter by the industry’s water coolers. The...
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Let’s play make-believe: addressing project management software adoption with user personas

“The role of director of user experience is pretty new,” says Steve Ballard, who has taken on this position at...
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Review: PlanDone

PlanDone has been around about two years, although the company says their concept for the software was formed in 1994. ...
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Review: Digite v6.0

Digité is head quartered in Mountain View, California and was started as a collaboration between two companies.  The objective was...
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Social Project Management: New from @task [Reviewed 2010]

@task announced its new Stream platform at the annual user conference in 2010.  Stream “combines the power of social networking...
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Review: 5pm [2010]

5pm is web-based, on demand project management software.  It looks lovely and the user interface is intuitive.  It’s very easy...
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Intelligent Planning: interview with Vanessa Carpenter

Putting together a project schedule is all well and good, but it only really comes to life when you add...
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Points of view: an interview with Bob Light

There’s a relatively new software tool on the market – a tool which had it’s funding pulled after failing to...
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Interview with Christophe Borlat

Last month I looked at the new features in Genius Project.  I wanted to find out more about how the...
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Interview with Chuck Pearson, CEO of Projecturf

Last week I reviewed Projecturf.  It’s a relative newcomer to the project management tool-place, so I decided to talk to...
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Review: Projecturf [2009]

Today I’ve been oven drying some of my huge haul of cherry tomatoes, so that I can store them in...
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Review: Severa 3

Why is registering for anything so complicated?  The ‘State’ field is not marked as compulsory when signing up for an...
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TrackerSuite.Net: now with widgets

With all the modern technology available to these companies you would have thought they would have come up with a...
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When technology goes out of control

Have you Googled yourself recently?  It’s not vanity – recruitment agencies and potential clients are all turning to Google to...
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LiquidPlanner: now with tailored views

“I lay a lot of blame on the tools,” says Charles Seybold, when he talks about why projects fail.  The...
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Review: ConceptDraw PRO

Over the last fortnight I have reviewed ConceptDraw PROJECT and MINDMAP. The third and final piece in the ConceptDraw Office...
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Review: ConceptDraw Project

ConceptDraw PROJECT is the second piece in the ConceptDraw Office suite. Last week I reviewed MINDMAP. I reviewed version 3...
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LiquidPlanner 2.0: Scheduling + ‘Twitter’

“Every day is pancake day,” says Charles Seybold, co-founder and CEO of LiquidPlanner.  “Any excuse.”  It’s Shrove Tuesday, traditional day...
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Review: ConceptDraw MINDMAP [2009]

ConceptDraw Office is an entire software suite designed around the project management lifecycle. The first piece in the suite is...
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Snap decisions

One Saturday in 2008 I made Monica Enand, CEO and Founder of Zapproved, get up extra early to demo her...
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Interview with Clarizen CEO and co-founder, Avinoam Nowogrodski

The mid-market project management software arena is becoming much more competitive.  Clarizen (click here to see my review of their...
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Software Review: Clarizen

Clarizen is an online, ‘software as a service’ project management tool that has integration with other desktop applications.  It’s aimed...
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Interview with Vadim Katcherovski

Earlier this month I reviewed Easy Projects .NET, a project management package from Logic Software.  There’s a bit of a...
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Interview with Dean Carlson

Earlier this week I reviewed Viewpath Express, a free web-based project management tool.  Viewpath is not positioning itself as a...
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Software review: Viewpath Express

Viewpath 2.0 is web-based project management tool.  Earlier this month the company announced at the Office 2.0 Conference in San...
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Software Review: Easy Projects .NET

This month I’ve been writing various project management software reviews and Easy Projects .NET has been on my list to...
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SmartDraw 2008: planning the garden

SmartDraw is, according to the manufacturer, the world’s most popular business graphics software. It makes it easy to design “presentation-quality”...
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LiquidPlanner: new version available!

I saw a demo of the latest version of LiquidPlanner, the project management scheduling and collaboration tool, on Tuesday. It’s...
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Review of ConceptDraw Project 3

Setting up a project is easy: anyone familiar with MS Project will be able to navigate around without problems. The...
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