Project management camp

A 10-week group coaching experience with amazing support.

For project managers who want to build skills and confidence (liking hot chocolate and popcorn is optional!)

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Campcraft Skills

Core project management skills, tailored to what you need to take your career to the next level.


Campfire Calls

Meet round the (virtual) campfire for 30 minutes each week to check in, catch up and get support.



Finding your confidence as a project manager with a clear path for taking action.

Does this sound like you?

Your manager keeps giving you more work. That’s good, right? It shows you are a safe pair of hands, trusted to get things done.

But it’s also exhausting. Nothing is being done to quite the level of quality you’d like.

You know project management can be tough, but you also know it’s the career for you. If only… there were some shortcuts or something.

Well, there aren’t any shortcuts. But there are lessons. There are tips, tricks and strategies, tools and templates. I’ve got a bunch of things to share with you — and they’re all tried and tested by me and plenty of other project managers.

I wish I had a magic wand that would make your stakeholders listen and your project issues melt away. But the truth is, if we can identify what you want to happen on your project, we can make it happen without a magic wand.

Your projects can feel more fun. Work can feel less like a slog. Let’s spend 10 weeks giving you the foundations to take your career to the next stage, whether that’s getting a solid grip of the basics, moving into a bigger role or stepping into team leadership.

Is this a course?

Nope. There’s no fixed agenda for Project Management Camp. We’ll only have a small group so we can tailor the content to what you need.

Hands up who wants a seminar on change management? OK, consider it done!

That’s the kind of approach we’re taking so campers get the most out of their time in a structured but flexible way.

If it sounds interesting, fill in the application below and we can see if it’s a good fit for us to work together.

Meet your camp leader


Hello, I’m Elizabeth!

I’m an APM Fellow, a project and program manager with 20ish years of experience, and the author of a number of project management books.

I mentor project managers and teach from time to time.

You can hear me talk at international conferences, on podcasts, and I’ve often been quoted in the press.

Honestly, I’m more of a fair-weather camper, but given we’ll be running the camp virtually, I think that will be OK!

What’s included?

Project Management Camp is a 10-week group program to help you learn and grow in the shortest possible time. It combines group calls with 1:1 support.

The experience is about bringing community and fun to professional development with the serious goals of helping you learn the skills that will take you to the next step of your career journey (and we’ll help you plan that out too).

During your time at camp, you’ll get:

  • A personal onboarding call with Elizabeth in the first week, to help identify how to get the most out of your time at camp
  • Weekly goal setting and progress reviews
  • Project document review: submit your project documents and get feedback to make sure you’re hitting the mark
  • Weekly campfire calls at 8pm GMT+1 (all recorded and made available for you to watch if you can’t join live)
  • Access to any of my paid training courses*
  • A personal wrap up call in the last week to set you up with next steps
  • Plus some surprises along the way!

* Courses included are: Project Management 101 (The Delivery Roadmap), Stakeholder Engagement, Change Management, Productivity, Managing Multiple Projects, Scheduling, Reporting, Interview Skills & LinkedIn and some standalone webinars on other professional development topics.

camp schedule

What’s it like working with Elizabeth

If you haven't had a chance to work with me, you're missing out

The investment

It’s a high-touch experience, which means we have to limit the number of people taking part. It also means you get one-of-a-kind support. You won’t be an anonymous square on a Zoom call… we’ll get to know each other!

The 10-week program is US$1,850.


This program is perfect for people who are serious about levelling up their skills and confidence in the next 10 weeks. And that takes time. The weekly calls are 30 minutes each so you can easily fit them into your day, but if you want to implement what you are learning, be prepared to put in some thinking time and an hour or two of actual ‘doing’ per week, plus time to go through the online training courses. You can spend as much or as little time on it as you like, but if you expect to see some return on your investment, you’ll need to allocate a couple of hours per week. It’ll be fun though!

It’s a hybrid group coaching program. You’ll see me live once a week on a Zoom call. The training courses you’ll have access to are pre-recorded.

Of course! Let me know what you need. I can invoice your accounts department and/or provide a receipt for your expenses if you are claiming it back.

That’s up to you. You’ll have access to a ton of pre-recorded learning materials inside the program, so you can go through all of those and claim all the PDUs. Or you can simply do what you need to develop your skills and join the live calls for extra support. If you’re joining the program purely to get PDUs, it’s probably not for you. But if PDUs are a happy by-product of you joining PM Camp, then keep a track of your hours spent on professional development and claim what you do.

Ready to join us?