/ / Project Management Camp: A 10-week intensive development experience

Project Management Camp: A 10-week intensive development experience

Project Management Camp 2021 starts on 20 September 2021 and is now accepting applications. Learn more and apply here.

How would you feel if you had an impartial, independent, skilled friend to turn to when you need a second opinion about a tricky work problem?

Someone who wouldn’t judge (you, at least), who would give you honest advice and then follow up to make sure it actually worked? Someone who could help you see through the politics and get to the real issue?

Someone who would give you the answers when you needed them, to save you the effort of trial and error “research”?

I can be that person for you!

Project Management Camp is a 10-week online professional development experience that will boost your skills and confidence in a supportive environment.

Project Management Camp is a blend of all the best kinds of learning: one-to-one support, group calls, accountability and structured learning.

It’s a group mentoring and training program that has enough one-to-one time and live calls to give you what you need, combined with a library of training resources. We’ll co-create the syllabus to fit the needs of participants so you end up with a bespoke learning experience.

76% of people think mentors are important, but only 37% have one, PM Camp

Why choose to work with me?

Lots of people use mentors from within their organization, and I’ve had mentors from within my employer’s business as well when I was starting out.

But some organizations don’t have a big pool of experienced people to draw on to be your mentor. Or they might not have a project management background. Or they might just be too busy. Or you might not want to trust them with your work problems, for fear that it could come back and hurt your career one day.

For lots of reasons, people are choosing to draw on experienced mentors from outside their immediate circle. Plus, research shows that mentoring partnerships where you get to choose your own mentor are more successful (instead of schemes where you are allocated one).

I have nearly 20 years of work experience to draw on (and experience is one thing this APM article calls out as something important for mentors). I’ve led big projects, small projects and everything in between.

Unlike a classroom course or a book, investing in a relationship with someone who has been there and done that gives you access to my experience, my resources, my network and my personal library – all of which I can tailor to give you personalized advice that fits the challenges you’ve got. You’ll be supercharging your projects and career!

Think of me as your personal Google for project management and career problems!

Let's go camping - Project Management Camp 20 Sept 2021

A small group experience

The great thing about Project Management Camp is that you will be part of a small group who are in a similar situation to you.

It’s a cost-effective way to get one-to-one support as well as being part of weekly group mentoring calls. We learn best when we learn together. And I promise that your experience is going to be useful to someone else, so sharing is encouraged!

Ready to join us?

Participation in Project Management Camp is by application only. What are you waiting for??

I look forward to helping you achieve what I know you’re capable of!

Learn more and apply now.

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