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Presents for project managers

Looking for a present for the PM in your life? She might appreciate some of these gifts:

  • Vouchers for Starbucks or her local coffee shop — for keeping going when steering group reports are due
  • A subscription to Shattered
  • A retractable powder brush, so the inside of her handbag doesn’t get messy, and a fix-all-hide-all powder from Benefit for make up application on the train or in some poorly lit office toilet cubicle
  • A nice pen (my favorite is a pink free one from womenintechnology
  • A copy of Lesley Everett’s book Drop Dead Brilliant
  • A hardback, spiral bound notebook, something pretty but practical
  • A diary with enough space for notes as well as appointments —  we’re organized in our personal lives too!
  • A bottle of wine. Organic — it saves the headaches the next day
  • Chocolate-covered coffee beans. Or just chocolate. My favorites are single-origin chocolates from Thorntons but Reese’s peanut butter cups come a close second. Something in bite-sized chunks for the office drawer
  • Tissues for the desk in an attractive box
  • A manicure or massage — we spend so much time organizing others that we forget to take time out for ourselves. Add a facial to the list if she works in a built-up area with city pollution
  • Socks to wear under trouser suits. While men can wear funny socks with Homer Simpson on or “World’s Best Dad”, we need sensible, thin, classy socks in dark colors
  • Rose and Carnation lip salve from Cath Kidston. This has nothing to do with project management or saving time, it’s just fabulous. I was given some for Christmas (a gift I opened early) and it’s the first Cath Kidston product I own! Hurrah!
  • Something from Shiny Shiny (A Girl’s Guide to Gadgets) or from 21st Century Diva which has some great bags

And if none of those ideas suit, how about a copy of my book?!

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