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GirlsGuideToPM: My Top 10 Articles of All Time

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In case you’ve only just stumbled across this blog, this year I’m celebrating 10 years of blogging about project management.

I thought it was time to look back and see what the stand-out articles were over the years. Here are the top 10 articles year by year.


I reported on the state of the Gypsy Moth IV project: the restoration of a historic yacht. At the time, the project was desperately short of cash.

Gipsy Moth IV did make her planned round-the-world journey and continues to operate today, taking groups on breath-taking sea journeys.


In September 2007 I published a guide to why projects fail. It touched on the classic reasons for project failures – poor sponsorship and so on – but also focused on how we define failure on projects.

It’s still something that I don’t think we spend enough time doing. Key success criteria, and, in contrast, what failure looks like, are still areas of projects where miscommunication leads to unhappy stakeholders, even if you deliver what you said you would.


In 2008 I was living and working in Paris, France, which involved several office moves. I wrote about what every project manager needs as her office survival kit – things that travelled with me from office to office (and not work-related paperwork, either).

By the way, I refer to La Défense as crummy in this article, but by the time I left I had come to appreciate the arch, the architecture and the little cafés hidden between the offices. And also the massive shopping centre.


I declared 2009 the year of the Office Goddess and I wrote a series of posts about how to excel at work.

This was one of my favourites: about Pareto and the 80/20 rule and how some stuff just needs to get done.

That was back in the days before I had brand guidelines for how my blog should look.


My project alphabet was a popular post of 2010 and inspired Derek Huether to write a book about zombie project management.

(Don’t know what that is? Here’s the scoop on zombie projects and how to kill them).


One of this year’s most-read articles was 5 Project Management Apps You’ve Never Heard Of.

Checking in today with the companies mentioned, three are still going, one looks like it has been taken over by Easy Projects and the last one’s website is no longer working. For more up-to-date software reviews, see my complete list here.


I hadn’t realised it, but What Makes A Good Project Manager was actually the top post of 2012. I re-ran the article just recently, which shows I still rate it as a good piece of writing too. (I didn’t write it, by the way.)


Google Analytics tells me that 6 Things I Didn’t Know About Being a PM was the top post of 2013.

I hadn’t read this one for a while (probably since I first published it) and it was good to look back. I still believe that all this is true.


This piece on 10 Killer Interview Questions for Project Managers is probably one of the all-time top articles. It’s been reprinted elsewhere and still gets read today.

Back then I did have responsibility for hiring (I don’t have a PM team working for me today) so I was speaking from my own experiences.


This was the year I wrote the definitive guide to project management success criteria. This is probably the most-read article I have ever written, and I’ve tried to expand it over the last 12 months to make it even more useful.

It was also one of my first articles to include a free thing. Right now it’s got a list of  done-for-you 20 sample success criteria so that you don’t have to think them up yourself.


We’re now in the 11th year, and the most popular article this year has been my guide to the project management conferences happening during 2016.

I had no idea that this would be such an important article for people, and it’s something I’ll do next year as well. I think it’s good to summarise the largest and best events to help you make decisions about what to spend your money on. There’s a lot of choice, and the list necessarily reflects the ones I feel I can best talk knowledgeably about (i.e. the ones I have been to and experienced the quality first-hand).

If you think I have missed any, drop me a line and let me know what’s happening near you for next year’s version.

Here’s to the next 10 years!

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