Mentoring for Project Managers

What’s keeping you up at night?

Let me help!

How would you feel if you had an impartial, independent, skilled friend to turn to when you need a second opinion about a tricky work problem?

Someone who wouldn’t judge (you, at least), who would give you honest advice and then follow up to make sure it actually worked? Someone who could help you see through the politics and get to the real issue?

Someone who would give you the answers when you needed them, to save you the effort of trial and error “research”?

I could be that person for you!

My bespoke mentoring for project managers could be exactly what you need to excel in your projects and feel more confident at work.

Is Mentoring Right For You?

If you are working in project management or would like to work in projects and need some help:

  • sorting out some of the daily problems you face
  • putting together a career plan for your next promotion
  • improving project communications
  • getting to grips with virtual teams
  • improving collaboration and team work
  • cutting through the bureaucracy and redesigning processes
  • or practically any other project-related problem

… then you should do it!

“I contacted Elizabeth about mentoring after I’d been out of the workplace for some time and really lost my confidence. We reviewed project management topics and business situations that I felt I had struggled with in the past; she either gave me assurance that I was on the right track with them or gave me some really great practical examples and tips to improve on them going forward. I have also found her advice on my job search incredibly helpful.”

What’s In It For Your Company?

Mentoring can raise your productivity and improve the culture of your team.

You’ll be more effective at your job. This isn’t about letters after your name: I’m methodology agnostic. What I care about is helping you deliver more successfully and with less stress for everyone involved – and your employer should definitely benefit from that.

It can also help companies save money because individuals who feel supported at work are less likely to leave, reducing the company’s turnover.

Basically, mentoring is awesome!

having tea

Why Choose Me?

Lots of people use mentors from within their organisation, and I’ve had mentors from within my employer’s business as well when I was starting out.

But some organisations don’t have a big pool of experienced people to draw on to be your mentor. Or they might not have a project management background. Or they might just be too busy. Or you might not want to trust them with your work problems, for fear that it could come back and hurt your career one day.

For lots of reasons, people are choosing to draw on experienced mentors from outside their immediate circle. Plus, research shows that mentoring partnerships where you get to chose your own mentor are more successful (instead of schemes where you are allocated one).

I have nearly 20 years of work experience to draw on (and experience is one thing this APM article calls out as something important for mentors). I’ve led big projects, small projects and everything in between.

Unlike a training course or a book, investing in a relationship with someone who has been there and done that gives you access to my experience, my resources, my network and my personal library – all of which I can tailor to give you personalised advice that fits the challenges you’ve got. You’ll be supercharging your projects and career!

Think of me as your personal Google for project management and career problems!

If I can’t help, I’ll say so and probably direct you to someone who can.

“Elizabeth is so friendly and completely non-judgmental, which is what you really need to get the most out of a mentoring experience. In just a few sessions I’m feeling a lot more confident about being back at work. I cannot recommend the experience highly enough – thank you!”

How It Works: 2 Options

There are two different ways I can support you.

1. Online 1:1 Mentoring

We’ll meet via Zoom, Skype or chat on the phone at a convenient time, either as a one-off to help you with a particular challenge, or regularly, as you need.

Most people book between one and six sessions at a time.

You can learn more and book a session here.

2. Group Mentoring via Project Management Rebels

Project Management Rebels is my online membership community. Mentoring support in a group is a bit different from personal mentoring.

We meet monthly via online conferencing and chat about the issues people are facing. Because of the size of the group, I can’t guarantee to answer every single question from every single person (although I try!). We also have a private Facebook group where we can interact and support each other as a community.

project management career path
The learning and career journey we follow in Project Management Rebels

I also run regular training inside the community, focusing on topics the group has identified as relevant. All the videos, Q&A and other information is stored within our membership site, so it’s possible that someone has already asked the question you have. You can search the archives for the answer.

Find out more here.

I want to give my mentees a high level of personal service, so I have to limit the number of people I can support in any given year. Please get in touch and we can discuss whether we’re a good fit for each other.

I look forward to helping you achieve what I know you’re capable of!

Get in touch and let’s talk.