/ / London riots: one week on

London riots: one week on

I was due to bring you a book review of On Top of Everything today. Instead, I wanted to interrupt the Summer of Books schedule to say thank you to everyone who has sent their thoughts and good wishes to us in London after the riots last week. The book review will now appear on 10 October 2011.

Normally I’d try to link news stories to project management in some way, but it seems a bit unnecessary this time. There are clean up, rebuilding and regeneration projects underway, but you can read about them elsewhere.

Specific thanks to Raechel, Simon, Ty, Joanne, Sally and everyone else who personally took the time to drop me a note, and Helen for her regular, reliable updates.

I took some photos of my local shopping area on Saturday: there’s a fair amount to do before we’re back to normal.

Boarded up shops
Boarded up shops
Body Shop
Messages of support outside the Body Shop
More boarded up shops
Smashed window
Smashed window in shoe shop


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