Learn Project Management

Practical project management training to help you get your work done with more confidence and less stress.

Follow my simple process for going from project management wanabee to high-flying change maker.

Elizabeth Harrin working together

Stage 1: Get a Job

Watch my free 3-part project management career workshop to understand the basics of what the job is all about and the skills, processes and expectations needed for the job.

Then use my Project Management Interview Kit to prepare for your interview.

Project Management Fundamentals course

Stage 2: Understand the Project Lifecycle

The Delivery Roadmap is an 8-module course that covers the full project lifecycle. Learn how to:

  • Set goals
  • Define scope
  • Create the plan
  • Do the work
  • Review and learn for next time.

It also covers core project management skills of building a budget, managing risks, issues, actions, dependencies and changes, and working with others.

Project management membership

Stage 3: Manage the Work

Project Management Rebels is an affordable, high-touch mentoring and career development program.

It works as a monthly/annual membership. Members get:

  • exclusive live monthly training, with the occasional guest speaker!
  • live monthly office hours calls
  • email support from me
  • free access to all my live public training
  • other little perks and benefits!
Elizabeth presenting

Stage 4: Lead the Change

Take your skills to the next level with advanced modules in:

Or access 1:1 mentoring for personalized support.

Elizabeth Harrin

Stage 5: Influence the Organization

Need tailored help to grow your career? I offer 1:1 mentoring for people at all stages of their career, and consultancy for organizations through VIP days. Get in touch to discuss how we could work together.