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Free Template: Lessons Learned Agenda

Free Lessons Learned Template

This month’s freebie is a template for a lessons learned agenda.

What’s This Template For?

It’s an agenda that is specifically focused on the topics you should discuss during a lessons learned meeting. I’m a big fan of holding lessons learned meetings after a project and also as you go through a project. Learn what you can, when you can.

Lessons learned meetings (which you will also hear called post-implementation reviews or project post-mortems) are a bit different to other meetings. You’ll need a bespoke agenda for your meeting: the normal agenda that you use when you run a project team meeting won’t be enough.

However, you can edit the template as it is a Microsoft Word file, and add in any agenda topics that you want. So if you aren’t holding a lessons learned meeting but still need an agenda, you can edit this to fit.

Enter your email below to download the agenda template straightaway. It’s a .docx file.

And finally: this template is free for you to use in your work but don’t sell it. That’s the only catch!

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Get a free agenda template for a lessons learned meeting, but you could use it for any meeting

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      Hello Chrissy,
      I’m sorry about that. We just moved all of our templates into our Resource Library. Add your email to the box up above and you will get an email explaining what to do. Please reach out if you continue to have problems.

  1. Dee Anne says

    Will you please send me a copy of you Lesson’s Learned Agenda Template? I am unable to download from outside sources at my company.

  2. Suzanne says

    Hello. I cannot find the place to enter my email for this template. I really enjoy the ones you have posted on your site. thank you

  3. Theresa says

    Hi – Please email me the Lessons Learned Template. Your site looks very helpful and am looking forward to reading all of the great articles.

  4. Paige Waters says

    Thanks Elizabeth for the free template lessons of agenda, its very appreciating job that you have done for the beginners in the field of project management, because when I was a beginner in this field and I was so dull and searching that type of material for some learning it was so irritating when I didn’t get stuff like that and now for the beginners is so easy to learn like that.

  5. Dess says

    Hello Elizabeth πŸ™‚ I am a new Project Manager and I found your website very helpful. Please keep on posting and inspiring other project managers like me πŸ™‚


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