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Free Communications Plan Template

A project communications plan is what you use to document how you are going to do communications on the project and who gets what.

The comms plan is such an important part of your project — mess up communications and so much can go wrong!

What to include in a project communications plan

Things you might include in the document template through the life of your project are:

  • Steering Group or Project Board briefings
  • Project newsletters
  • Presentations to other teams or town hall meetings
  • Press releases
  • Conferences (internal or your presentation at external events)
  • Articles in the company-wide staff newsletter
  • Pieces for the intranet, or a reminder to update your project intranet/social network page.

The template steps you through the things you should be including, but for more information on how to fill it in, this article on the steps for completing a project communications plan will help you.

Get your free template

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If you’re not sure why you need a comms plan on your project, read this intro to project communications plans.

My templates are different from the others you’ll find online because they are easier to use. Frankly, so many of the templates I have downloaded over the years are too detailed and too complex for 80% of the projects I have worked on.

Yes, if you are launching a rocket or building a power station you need the advanced stuff, and on some of my IT projects I’ve needed that too. But generally, a lot of what is out there is overkill for the kinds of work we are trying to get done day to day.

That’s why I think my project templates are so good! But try out this comms plan and see for yourself, I’d love to hear what you think.

Remember to delete my notes so it looks like it’s something you’ve spent hours working on yourself! As with all my free project management templates, please don’t sell it on: that’s the only constraint.

Happy comms planning!

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