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Directors, Listen Up: Let Project Managers Plan

I don’t care who you had lunch with, or what their golf handicap is: I want to be able to plan my project with the help of my team and then tell you when we can deliver. If directors need things done quickly, we can work with the team and the stakeholders to look at ways to crash the schedule, reduce the scope or phase the work, ensuring tasks are completed with early deliverables. We’d hope that we were considered to be trusted member of the management team and when we say it will take six weeks, that’s because it will.

Project managers have creative ways to deal with the pressures of tight delivery timescales and, if it’s a real emergency, magic can be worked to pull something out of the bag. Although it costs, both in terms of relationships with colleagues and stress for us and the team, so it shouldn’t be the default way of working.

That’s the conversation I had with the KeyedIn Projects blog team recently, and they turned my thoughts into a neat cartoon.

Project management cartoon

Read the whole article on the KeyedIn Projects blog.

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