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Day of Gratitude

Thank you Card
Image credit: Jon Ashcroft (http://www.flickr.com/photos/theilluminated)

This blog might be called A Girl’s Guide to Project Management, but the success of it isn’t just down to me. There are a lot of people who contribute to making it happen.

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK (our November holiday celebrates the chap who didn’t manage to blow up Parliament in 1605) but that doesn’t mean we can’t give thanks. And when better to do it than now?

Here are the people who have contributed in some way to A Girl’s Guide to Project Management this year.

Companies who have let me review their software

People I have interviewed

And everyone I interviewed at project management events this year.

Publishers and authors who have sent me books to review

And a few personal thank yous to:

  • Computer Weekly, for making it possible for me to win the IT Professional Blogger of the Year award (and to the people who voted for me)
  • Jonathan and Pauline
  • Cornelius
  • Joanne, for her help behind the scenes

And you. Without readers, there is no point in writing at all.

I hope I haven’t missed anyone off the list, and if I have, I’m sorry.  Who is on your gratitude list this year? Let us know in the comments.

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