Working With Brands

A Girl’s Guide to Project Management is a PR friendly blog. Please contact me for my media kit and ad rates at hello [at]

I receive a lot of emails and I do try to respond to everyone, but you’ll have a greater chance of a quick and meaningful response if you follow the below pointers, which are designed to save time and energy on both sides.

  • If it’s a quick hello, get me on Twitter.  Please send me a message to @girlsguidetopm.  I’m usually on top of my @ messages, but if for whatever reason I have missed yours, give it a while and try me again.
  • Please don’t send me a press release. I don’t publish them, and I barely read them.
  • If you’d like to work with me, for example, by producing sponsored content or a product review, send me a brief summary of your product or idea, if you think it’s suitable for my blog. It is suitable, right?  You don’t have to subscribe or pretend you read it regularly. Just surf around to check that you’re not pitching something completely inappropriate.


I do sell advertising space, thank you for asking! Advertising keeps the lights on. Get in touch and we’ll send you the ad rates, media kit information and what slots are available both here on the blog and in the newsletter.

Pitching Software for Review

I do review project management software, but it is a lot of effort to review properly so it often takes some time for the reviews to appear. During 2018 I will be spacing software reviews out throughout the year so there is no deadline to pitch your product. However, I only intend to run a review every other month, so spots are limited.

There are other ways for you to get your software mentioned on this site: I accept sponsored content (as long as they aren’t sales-y) from relevant businesses so please get in touch. We can work together on how best to get your message across in the most reader-friendly way.

Note to readers: I work hard to make sure that sponsored content is relevant, interesting and appropriate. It’s a way of meeting the costs of running this site and will never be an overt sales pitch.

Pitching a guest post

I do accept guest posts for publication. Please read the guest post guidelines here. Please note that I’m more likely to accept guest posts from individuals, authors and project management bloggers. If you are a company looking for an outlet for your CEO to guest post then please do still get in touch but we’ll probably end up going down the sponsored content route.


I’m always happy to do interviews. Please send me as much information in your first email as possible, including your deadline and whether you’d prefer the phone/Skype or email.