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  • If you are interested in advertising or sponsored content, please read my Working With Brands page for more information before getting in touch. We are a PR-friendly blog and look forward to hearing from you!
  • Please do not pitch guest posts or link insertion.
  • I will try to respond to all requests from students asking for help, but I get asked for a lot of help. I am unable to offer personal advice on your dissertation topic. Feel free to ask in the Project Management Cafe Facebook group.
  • Please note that I am unable to offer free personal career advice. If you’d like to talk to me about challenges you are facing, book a mentoring call.
  • During 2021/2 I am not anticipating attending any overseas conferences, so please don’t be disappointed if I say no to your invitation to prepare a conference paper.
  • During 2021 it’s likely that I won’t take on any more book reviews. I have a backlog and it isn’t fair to the authors in the queue in front of you (perhaps we could do a book giveaway, publish an extract or do an author interview? If the book sounds good we can always find a way to spread the word).

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