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How The PMP Exam is Changing in 2020

The PMP exam changes in July 2020. Find out what is new and what you should be doing if you...
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Mistakes managers make

Project Management Conferences and Events 2020

Project management conferences are a fantastic way to meet new people and improve your skills. Here is a guide to...
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2020 Project Management (Part 4)

Watch Part 1 here. Watch Part 2 here. Watch Part 3 here. Transcript Hello, I’m Elizabeth Harrin, from the blog,...
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2020 Project Management (Part 3)

Watch Part 1 here. Watch Part 2 here. Video begins: Hello, welcome back to video 3 of my training series,...
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2020 Project Management (Part 2)

Watch Part 1 here. The video begins: Hello, welcome back to video 2 of my training series, 2020 Project Management....
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2020 Project Management (Part 1)

The video begins: Have you ever thought about how some people make doing project management look easy, and it seems...
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How to Plan for Next Year

Take some time now to plan your career for next year. Learn how and get a free career planner template...
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How to Create a Stellar Independent PM CV That Gets Clients

Learn how to create a project management CV that stands out and gets results from executive coach, Sidar OK. A...
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An Introvert’s Guide to Office Parties

Learn some tips for introverts for your next office party, plus get a free guide for 28 small talk conversations...
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10 Things New Project Managers Should Know

Here are 10 simple things that you can do as a new project manager to get up to speed quickly...
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Elizabeth Harrin juggling projects

Let me help you manage multiple projects

Are you managing multiple projects? I am. And I know I’m not alone. Every week I get emails from project...
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Professional Development

15 Easy-to-Do Types of Professional Development

Learn 15 easy types of professional development for project managers.
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uCertify Training Course Review

The PMI-SP Certification & uCertify Training Course Review

A review of the uCertify PMI-SP® training course.
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How to Go From Technical Expert to Leader

I interviewed Andrew Zeitoun, who leads a course about how to transform from being a technical expert to a project...
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Project Management Training

Project Management Training to Help You Achieve Certification This Year

Are you looking to go for a project management certifications this year? Check out my comprehensive guide on all the...
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2019 Project Management Conferences You Won’t Want to Miss

Check out this list of 2019 project management conferences that you won't want to miss. Enter them into your calendar...
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Get a Free 2019 Career Planner

Get a free 2019 career planner to help give you clarity on your goals and where you want to go...
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How to get taken seriously at work

6 Ways To Get Taken Seriously at Work

Getting taken seriously at the office is something that you can work on. It isn't always easy to build a...
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An interview with Koviljka Lukic

Women in Project Management: Koviljka Lukic

I interviewed Koviljka Lukic, an inspiring woman in project management about her career in the waste water industry and how...
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Women in Project Management: Natalie Steck

I interviewed Natalie Steck, President and CEO at software firm Viewpath about women in project management and the future of...
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How to Get Into Project Management

How to Get Into Project Management: 5 PMs Share Their Stories

I share 5 stories from my book, Project Manager. Each project manager talks about their career journey and how they...
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Genius Project

Is Genius Project Right for You? Read My Detailed Review

Read my review of Genius Project to find out if this enterprise software tool is the right one for your...
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Project Management Career Coach

How Eric Got A PM Job (And How You Can Too)

Get advice from a project management career coach on how to find your dream PM job. Luis Peluffo explains how...
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Social skills for project managers

Social Skills for Project Managers: Interview with Geoff Crane [Video]

How do you gain influence with body language? What should you be aware of for managing stress in the workplace...
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Thrive as an accidental project manager

How to Thrive as an Accidental Project Manager [Video interview]

We discuss how people find themselves in a project management role, why stepping up can give you new opportunities, building...
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Get Your Projects Started With OnlinePMcourses Fast Start Program

Wondering whether OnlinePMcourses Fast Start Program is right for you? Here's what you get in the course plus a sneak...
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Tips from Women in Project Management

15 Tested & Practical Tips from Women in Project Management

On International Women’s Day I wanted to share some tips from the fabulous women in project management whom I have...
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What Kind of Project Manager Are You?

What kind of project manager are you? This quiz is just for fun! Find out where you are on your...
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How to Be Assertive At Work (Nicely)

A project management soft skill that we can all work on is being assertive at work. Andy Kaufman offers advice...
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10 things I love about project management

10 Things I Love About Managing Projects

Sharing the ten things that I love about managing projects.
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Project Management Trends (2018 Edition)

Learn more about the 2018 project management trends that will shape your career, build your skills and give you ideas...
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2018 Project Management Conferences You Won’t Want To Miss

These are the best 2018 project management conferences from around the world. Which of these will you be at this...
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Importance of Networking

Find out why networking is something you can't afford to avoid. Here are 6 fantastic reasons to get out there...
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How to Juggle Work With Your PMP Study Plan

Learn how to create a PMP study plan that works for you with these practical tips for finding time to...
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Entrepreneurship & Project Management [Interview]

I sat down to talk with Chris Cook about his new book, The Entrepreneurial Project Manager, and how to become...
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28 Small Talk Conversation Starters For Those Awkward Moments

I've put together 28 small talk conversation starters to get you through those difficult pauses. They will help at big...
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How to get a work/life balance

How 6 Real Managers Get A Work/Life Balance

6 real project managers share their tips for getting a work/life balance. Read on to find out how you can...
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The PMP® Exam Is Changing! Here’s What’s New

The PMP® Exam Is Changing! Here’s What’s New

The world of project management education doesn’t stand still. It feels to me like the changes that happen are evolutionary...
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10 Killer Interview Questions for Hiring Project Managers

10 Killer Interview Questions for Hiring Project Managers + Free Interview Template

I’ve put together my 10 killer interview questions for hiring a project manager. Next time you have to recruit someone...
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Have You Considered Legal Project Management?

Legal work of all kinds – whether it be litigation or non-contentious work – is (or should be) project managed...
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Project Management Apprenticeships: A Game Changer for Business

In this guest post, Michelle Symonds explains what the new UK Higher PM Apprenticeship scheme means for aspiring project managers...
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Book Review of Shine by Gerry Lewis

Shine [Book Review]

Gerry Lewis's book Shine is about becoming a better communicator and presenter. I recently had the chance to read it...
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The Essential Project Management Competencies: A 2017 Perspective

My thoughts on what you should be focused on for professional development in 2017.
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What makes a good project manager

What’s the Profile of a Good Project Manager?

There are many factors in what makes a good project manager. Ben Snyder, CEO of Systemation, shares an except from...
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Inspirational Quotes for Managers

5 More Inspirational Quotes for Managers

Sometimes we all need a little bit of motivation. I have found these inspirational quotes perfect lately and wanted to...
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Rebel PM Toolkit

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Jerry Ihejirika

How I Got a Broken Leg, Thought Deep About My Career and Focused More On My Passion

Jerry Ihejirika talks about finding his dream job, even after an accident gave him a lot of time in hospital...
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Brexit and Project Management

Brexit: The Implications for Project Managers

What would a leave result mean for project managers in the UK referendum on the EU? I discuss the implications...
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Career confidence through options

How Options Give You Confidence At Work

The tip that has helped me most throughout my career is knowing that I have options. You have to work...
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Jerry Ihejirika

Jerry Ihejirika: Project Management in Africa [Interview]

One of the great things about blogging for so long is that I’ve met a whole host of interesting people....
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Project Management Conferences in 2016

17 Must-Attend Project Management Conferences for 2016

What project management conferences are happening near you this year? Here's a list of my top 17 events happening all...
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What Project Managers Earned in 2015 [Infographic]

Find out what project managers earned in 2015, what schools and qualifications are the most popular and whether there's a...
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Lessons Learned Project Management

5 Lessons Learned in Project Management for 2016

Find out what I learned in 2015 that can make life better for you at work during 2016. Succession planning,...
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Understanding leadership

Understanding Leadership

Leadership - what does it really mean for you? Find out how to lead when things are going well, and...
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Get started as a digital project manager

How to Get Your Foot in the Door as a DPM

Do you want to find a job as a digital project manager, working in an agency setting? It's a difficult...
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Are Project Managers Required in the Agile Age

Are Project Managers The Dodo of The Agile Age?

How does a project manager - especially one trained and skilled in waterfall delivery techniques - stay relevant in a...
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professional networking tips and tricks

How to Boost Your Career with Networking

Networking for work can be daunting, but we're all expected to do it. I share some professional networking tips and...
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Why is the PMP exam so difficult

Project Management Certification Questions [Video]

This video answers the questions, “How effective is online project management training?” and “Why is the PMP exam so difficult?”...
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How to deal with workplace bullying

The Truth about Bullying in Project Management

Learn what workplace bullying is and what you can do about it. Find out why project managers need to be...
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Career Answers you don't want to hear

The Career Questions Nobody Can Answer For You

I'm often asked questions about people's career paths that I simply can't answer. Find out why I refuse to answer...
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Working with Under 30's Gen Y on project teams

How the Under 30s Are Changing Project Management

Do you have any under 30's on your project team? I speak to Will Sargeant about how Gen Y is...
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Career mistakes to avoid

10 Career-Limiting Mistakes To Avoid

Avoid these 10 mistakes at work! Find out which pitfalls you should watch out for as you navigate your career....
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Biggest Challenge Facing Project Teams

The Biggest Challenge Facing Project Managers Today

Learn about the biggest challenge facing project managers worldwide, but especially in the UK. The choice of professional bodies, credentials...
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Advice for going to conferences

7 Tips for Attending Conferences

These 7 tips will help you prepare for attending your next conference to get the best out of your investment....
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What George Orwell can teach us about project management

What George Orwell Can Teach Us About Project Management

This is a guest contribution by Mark Phillips, PMP. “What is above all needed is to let the meaning choose...
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10 Must-attend project management conferences

10 Must-Attend Project Management Conferences for 2015

Is your diary blossoming with project management events yet? Here are a few conferences that I think it’s worth packing...
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Build your network

How to Build Your Project Management Network

Learn why a network matters as a project management professional and how you can build your own to make sure...
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Networking made easy: An interview with Will Kintish

Is your summer stretching ahead with one cocktail networking event after another? No? Mine neither. However, there is always some...
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Are you really managing information overload?

At the social media webinar I gave for the PMI LEAD Community of Practice one of the main themes coming...
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Tips for new project managers

New to project management? 5 more things you should know

These five tips are essentials for new project managers! Find out what you should be doing to kickstart your career...
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Do you need PM degree

Do you need a project management degree?

Recently someone got in contact with me to ask about how to get into project management. I thought I’d repeat...
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Successful project management balances hard and soft skills (infographic)

This infographic was produced by Brandeis University M.S. in Project and Program Management Online. Click the image to see it...
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This is How to Get Your Next Job

Book review: This Is How To Get Your Next Job

Ever wonder if you are doing all the right things for your job search? This Is How to Get Your...
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Should I take CAPM or PRINCE?

Should I take CAPM or PRINCE2?

Post updated 27 January 2015. Recently I was contacted by someone who wanted advice about which project management certification scheme...
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Why should I take project management certificate

6 reasons to get certified in project management

This is an article by Krishna Kumar, CEO of Simplilearn Solutions. Have you ever wondered why, after spending roughly 15...
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Photo of Jeff Furman

My Life Is A PMP® Ethics Question!

This is an article by Jeff Furman, PMP®, whom I met at a PMI Congress one year, and we’ve stayed...
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Project Management Interview Questions Made Easy

Book review: Project Management Interview Questions Made Easy

Structured around 7 steps to a successful interview, Project Management Interview Questions Made Easyby Dr Andrew Makar is about more...
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Mike Clayton

3 Ways to Practise Your Leadership Skills

Learn 3 solid ways to practise your leadership skills. Leadership is something that can be honed and developed - you...
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Andrew Makar

Managing your personal brand: an interview with Dr Andrew Makar

Today I’m interviewing Dr Andrew Makar, IT programme manager, blogger and author of , about managing your personal brand at...
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Picture of a 6

6 Things I didn’t know about being a project manager

I decided to be a project manager. Admittedly, it wasn’t until I started working that I knew such a job...
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The challenges of IT Project Management, with Dave Gordon

I was in Las Vegas earlier this year for the Pink Elephant ITSM conference. I took some time out of...
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The Power Of Presence

3 Steps to Presence: Book Review of The Power of Presence

Presence. It’s that thing all successful project and programme managers have. It’s when you walk into a room and the...
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Advising Upwards

Advising Upwards: Interview with Dr Lynda Bourne

Today I’m interviewing Dr Lynda Bourne, author of Advising Upwards: A Framework for Understanding and Engaging Senior Management Stakeholders (Gower,...
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Focus on Coaching: What a coach does, with Josh Nankivel

It’s January, which means it is cold and grey and we are looking to do things better than last year....
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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome ebook

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions? A common one that I’ve heard from project managers over and over again...
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What project managers can learn on Twitter: Interview with Robert Kelly of #PMChat

Robert Kelly and Rob Prinzo have started using Twitter to connect project managers in an unusual way. I spoke to...
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Young woman

Turning the Generation Gap upside down: 5 tips for working with Baby Boomers

PM Network last month reported that 65% of people feel that there is a generation gap in project management. We...
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Talking Integrity with Rick Valerga

Rick, welcome to A Girl’s Guide to Project Management! Can you give us a short description of what your book...
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Conrado Morlan

Ask the Smart PM: Networking Within the Organization

This is a guest post by Conrado Morlan, the Smart PM. Dear Smart PM… I am a new hire at...
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2011: The Year to Get Registered or Chartered?

APM has been campaigning for Chartered Project Professional status for some time.  It hasn’t happened yet, and they have now...
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Book review: Fast Track Networking

Lots of books talk about how to ‘do’ networking, and there are plenty of reasons why networking is important for...
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Book review: PMP: Project Management Professional Exam Review Guide

has a practical, descriptive title – and it’s a practical, descriptive book.  Kim Heldman and Vanina Mangano have written this...
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The business value of social media

Earlier in the month I attended a womenintechnology event about the business value of social media – something I’m particularly...
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Career moves without getting promoted

Going up? Taking A Sideways Step In The Job Market

Going up isn't your only option when it comes to getting a new job. You can find fulfilling (and better...
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How to travel for work

Don’t arrive hot and bothered.  It’s OK to take off your coat and jacket on public transport. Honestly, you don’t...
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Be more productive with a tidy desk

Save Time: Tidy Your Desk!

10 Easy tips for keeping your workplace tidy and making you more productive. Put these into practice and you'll soon...
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Beyond the Boys Club Book Review

Book Review: Beyond the Boys’ Club

I’ve reviewed a lot of books this summer.  Have I become better connected to my scattered team?  Hardly.  Have I...
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Creating an exit strategy for your job

How to Leave Your Job Gracefully

Learn why you need to prepare now for leaving your current job. Planning how to leave your job gracefully is...
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Gadget etiquette

This month in the Office Goddess series, I want to look at using your gadgets at work. You love your...
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What are you worth?

Apparently the average salary for a programme manager is £70,196, down from £72,510 this time last year, according to G2,...
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The 80/20 rule

This month in the Office Goddess series, I want to look at the Pareto principle, otherwise known as the 80/20...
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Networking: How Do You Do It?

This month, on my mission to turn you all into Office Goddesses, I spoke to Heather White, CEO of The...
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Risks, improv and chocolate

“Most books on branding,” Adam says, “focus on what it takes for a brand to be great: follow these steps,...
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Chris Haigh: project manager to be

The economic situation being as it is, things are not so rosy in the garden of recruitment.  While all the...
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Brand You: how do you come across at work?

If a visitor came into your office looking for you, and asked a colleague to point you out, what would...
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Welcome to 2009: Year of the Office Goddess

This year I thought I’d have a theme running through my blog.  Each month there will be a post about...
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How to buy a cocktail dress in 20 minutes

You will need: One department store One friend wearing flat shoes (ideally someone with better dress sense than you) The...
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Launch in the city

Remember the new London women’s networking group, WeAreTheCity?  Their launch event was a huge success:  hundreds of women queuing around...
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Who is the city?

I’m running late. Not very – in fact, I’ll probably arrive just about on time. But the person I’m meeting...
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Happy Birthday Girl Geek Dinners!

Last Thursday I had dinner in Café Royle – Google’s staff canteen. Google were hosting a birthday event for Girl...
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How to be helpful

Set your out of office email response if you’re out for a day or longer. Change your voicemail as well,...
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How to attend a conference

The spring round of industry conferences is coming up, and if you are going to one, here are some tips...
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January: that means it’s appraisal time!

It’s the time of year to prepare for annual performance appraisals. I did some research for [email protected] recently, and wrote...
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Networking (part 2)

The other event I attended recently was hosted by the British Computer Society’s North London branch. ‘ITIL deliver – can...
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A question of shopping

There were plenty of questions about project management at last week’s womenintechnology event on how to be a successful woman...
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Networking (part 1)

I’m not that good at networking at conferences and seminars. You know, standing around making small talk with people you...
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What does a PM do all day?

I was given a fab new wheelie suitcase as a gift at the weekend, which is great as I seem...
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OTOBOS and nems au chocolat

Part of a PMs role is to educate our colleagues in what PM means as a discipline. That you can’t...
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