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8 Free and Low Cost Project Management Resources

There was a question in our Facebook group recently: where can I get project management templates? And another question: where can I get free or cheap project management training materials? There are many premium project management templates available -- including my template bundles and ebooks. ... READ the POST

An Introvert’s Guide to Office Parties

Are you looking forward to the holiday season? Or eyeing up those office events on your work calendar with trepidation? I have to confess to not being much of a party animal, and while I won't say no to free wine and pretzels, I'm normally done with parties pretty early and prefer to get off ... READ the POST

Free Email Holiday Cards for Business

'Tis the season for holiday planning! And to make it easy for you to show some gratitude to your colleagues and suppliers, I have made you a set of digital holiday cards for business purposes. In other words, they are suitable to send out from your work email address, to your work ... READ the POST


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