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How to Use An Action Log & Free Template

My To Do list is massive. So I have developed an action log to control my tasks. I copy and paste actions from conference calls, team meetings and those chance conversations you have in the corridor into this. I can filter it by task owner when I am talking to someone and want to chase them up. I ... READ the POST

3 Things That Stop You Making the Right Decision

This is a guest article by Chris Cook from The EntrePMeur.Project managers want to make the best decisions for themselves, the project, and the project team. In order to do so, project managers must be aware of biases. Based on experiences, people can come to different conclusions when presented ... READ the POST

Free Template: Decision Log

This month's free project management template is a decision log. Decisions are taken in all kinds of settings: meetings, on email, when you bump into someone in the corridor... From experience I know that it's a) hard to remember what decision you took, and b) difficult to find information hidden in ... READ the POST

Decision Making Tools for Group Decisions

This is a guest article by author Edoardo Binda Zane.If you are a project manager, making tough calls and decisions is part of your everyday life.Usually, the more time you spend in this role, the more thick-skinned you become in making risky calls on your own. After all, directing the project ... READ the POST

Why There’s No Such Thing as a Bad Decision

Management - and project management - is a series of small (and sometimes big) decisions.At work recently I had cause to question one of my decisions. I had made a decision that affected other people (as most decisions do). I communicated the decision, replanned accordingly and updated my risk ... READ the POST

5 Tips for Better Decision Making (With Process)

We make hundreds of decisions on projects. Every day, we're expected to take some action and that inevitably means making a decision about something.It might be something small like whether or not to call a meeting. Or it might be something substantive like whether to escalate an issue to your ... READ the POST


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