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The Project Management Coaching Workbook (Book review)

The Project Management Coaching Workbook by Susanne Madsen is a book about how to operate with a coaching leadership style in a project environment. "It is not your ability to manage tasks and resources that will set you apart," writes Susanne Madsen in The Project Management Coaching Workbook. ... READ the POST

Free Email Holiday Cards for Business

'Tis the season for holiday planning! And to make it easy for you to show some gratitude to your colleagues and suppliers, I have made you a set of digital holiday cards for business purposes. In other words, they are suitable to send out from your work email address, to your work ... READ the POST

Lessons Learned Management Techniques [Podcast]

I was interviewed by the lovely Cornelius Fichtner recently for an episode of the Project Management Podcast™ on lessons learned management techniques in project management. It was great to chat to Cornelius again, and we shared lots of tips for the process of lessons learned. Click here to listen ... READ the POST

How I Do It: Stakeholder Communication

Communication is about 80% of my job. I don’t profess to get it right all the time, but over the years I’ve built up a few solid techniques that work in most situations. Today I’m letting you in on how I do it. These are the tips and tricks I use to communicate with my stakeholders and project ... READ the POST

How to Earn Leadership PDUs for PMP Renewal in 2021

If you are like many Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification holders, you might be finding it hard to source enough quality learning materials for your Leadership PDUs. Panic no more, I have all the details you need below. In this article we’ll look at what Leadership PDUs are ... READ the POST


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