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Giveaway! Essential Documents

Project management creates a lot of documents -- let's not pretend it doesn't. However, you don't need ALL the documents to do your projects. Pick and choose the templates that work best for your project.Finding the right templates can sometimes be overwhelming. If you're searching online for ... READ the POST

From Technical To Exceptional Review [Training Course]

The move from technical expert to leader is a big jump for many people. And the work you do as a subject matter expert is very different from how you manage a project or lead a team.Many people get promoted – or think they get promoted – because they’re technically very good in a role. That ... READ the POST

Capacity Planning: The Secret to Successful Projects

Not that long ago, a project manager – who, for the purposes of this article has asked to remain anonymous – was planning out Phase 2 of her project.There was a lot of work to do for the project management team, which was just her. No problem, she thought. A project coordinator, or an admin ... READ the POST

How To Motivate Your Project Team

Ruth Pearce knows everything there is to know about motivating your project team. She’s even written the book on it.I caught up with Ruth to find out more about how to motivate teams and why it’s something you should be actively doing.Ruth, let’s start at the beginning. Why do you think ... READ the POST


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