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6 Reasons Why Professional Networking is Important

My inbox used to be full of invites to webinars, breakfast seminars and afternoon presentations, and that’s just from vendors. Nowadays, a lot of the events are virtual, which makes it a little harder to do networking, but not impossible. Even so, once I add in the professional development ... READ the POST

Introducing: Mastering Multiple Projects

Last week’s webinar was awesome! I truly appreciate every question, comment and social media shout out. I knew this would be a popular topic – but this really blew me away! (As you can see by the ridiculous smile on my face when I look at the chat and see all of your comments!) I think quite a ... READ the POST

6 Ways To Get Taken Seriously at Work

When you're the youngest person in the room, or in the minority in some way, or just new to your role and trying to make the best impression possible, sometimes it feels like you aren't being taken seriously at work. I often hear from people who worry about not being considered a serious player ... READ the POST

5 Things Better Than Conference Calls

I spend a lot of time on conference calls, especially now I am lucky enough to work from home. If I’m completely honest, I know how to use my mute button without even looking at the phone. It’s useful for blowing my nose and slurping tea but also for making sure other people can’t hear me ... READ the POST

The Roles and Responsibilities Document on Projects

Does your project team have a roles and responsibilities document that sets out what everyone does? You should do. It's a really simple document that helps clarify how everyone is contributing to the project. In this article we'll look at what it is and how you can use it. What is a Roles ... READ the POST

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