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What we want from project management tools in 2020

I don't often wear a watch, but when I do it's a very unassuming watch with real hands. Not a smart watch. I've been a little bit in awe at colleagues who get WhatsApp messages on the wrists. I'm not sure if I would want that, but I do love the simplicity of it. And then I log into my PM ... READ the POST

Black Friday Deals: for Project Management

I used to think Black Friday was just for people who wanted to get ahead on Christmas shopping and buy high-priced electrical goods with a bit of a discount. But it seems like every year more and more sellers get in on the discount action (including me!). Here’s a round up of deals on ... READ the POST

30% Off All Project Management Templates

Running out of time at the end of the year? Looking for a quick way to get your project documents sorted? I've got ya'. (No, I don't really talk like that. But...) My templates shop is having a Black Friday sale! You can get any of the templates, template bundles or ebooks for 30% off ... READ the POST

How to Plan for Next Year

In this short video, I talk about several things that are important to make sure 2020 gets off to a great start for you. We talk about: career goalsplanning for annual reviewssetting boundaries for work life balance, andfinding out when your projects are due to complete so you can make the best ... READ the POST


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