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How not to communicate with customers #2

A while ago I received a cheap-looking letter from the gym. You know, one of those where they have photocopied a photocopy and it ends up looking tatty and not-quite-black. "Your subscription is nearly up!" it helpfully informed me. "You should think about renewing." I certainly did think ... READ the POST

How not to communicate with customers #1

My phone rings at work. "Hello? I'm calling about the leak." "What leak? What's happened?" "The leak from upstairs." Oh. My pulse goes back to normal. Small leak, small insurance claim, opportunity to meet my upstairs neighbour in a situation where he wasn't telling me I couldn't ... READ the POST

Book review: Naked Conversations

discusses the human implications of using blog technology. It is not a particularly technical book and it does not cover the technical aspects of setting up and writing a blog. Given the relative simplicity of blogging tools, such a manual is not required. It is written by two self-confessed ... READ the POST

Taking a risk with cerise-chocolat

This weekend I did something I've never done before. I dyed my hair. Call it a nearing-30 crisis, a moment of folly in Auchan, the inspiration of my sister's perfect highlights... Anyway, armed with a box of little tubes, powders and liquids we set to work Saturday afternoon. I am generally quite ... READ the POST

Estimating part 2

Now my brain is less fuddled due to not being in the heat quite so much, I can explain my theory on estimating project tasks. Start with the basics. What needs to happen? How long will each task take? The answers to these questions will allow you to pull together a timeline. Try to use ... READ the POST

Estimating during the heatwave

With the canicule that France is suffering from at the moment, the weather is the talk of the town. The heatwave has surpassed the general French favourite of food as the topic of the moment and it is one good reason to work long hours - at least we have air conditioning in the office which makes ... READ the POST


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