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Making a good business case

I found this white paper about putting together a business case on IT Toolbox. It depends on how you interpret the term ‘business case’ but for me this document is more a feasibility study: what is the problem, what could we do about it and what have we decided to do. A ‘pure’ business case ... READ the POST

Meeting room C

New country (well, returning to the one I left). New city. New department. New commute. My relocation went pretty well, all things considered, although Hans' confidence in my ability to get everything to the right place was a bit optimistic. I had to buy a new hairbrush, as mine is in storage ... READ the POST

A bald dog can teach us new tricks

I’ve been tracking down examples for project failure, mainly in the UK, and Tom "Bald Dog" Varjan contacted me with some reasons why he thinks projects are unsuccessful. His points are really interesting, so I thought I’d share them with you. Tom’s business cards introduce him as “Bald Dog, ... READ the POST

More problems in public service projects

I'm glad I'm not the project manager tasked with trying to make sense out of the US Transport Security project. Can you imagine? All those different US Government agencies pitching in with their ideas. One of the case studies for my book was about the difficulties two US Government departments ... READ the POST

Did a Stopped Project Fail?

I've been looking at projects that fail, and am in two minds about whether to include projects that get stopped. If it's stopped, has it failed? Or was closing it down the right response, so the business has successfully avoided the cost of completing something that wasn't worth it? Research ... READ the POST

Equal pay

I ruined another perfectly good pair of tights today. This is an office problem that men don’t have – at least, none of the men I’ve worked with. Women earn 17% less than men in full-time roles, and we have a greater burden when it comes to clothes. How is that fair? Tights don't seem to last five ... READ the POST


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