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Licences and long timescales

Touching wood last week must have worked as lo and behold, after a few days of stamping my feet in a Gallic way my licences have arrived.  And I already have one very happy client holding meetings with our Australian office, albeit rather cruelly on a Friday morning.  Which is 6.30 pm Oz-time, when ... READ the POST

An icy reception

 I visited the Kube Hotel's ice bar on Saturday and did a vodka tasting, drinking vodka cocktails out of glasses made of blocks of ice.  I started off being reasonably tolerant to the -10 degree temperature, but after half an hour I was starting to notice that my fingers, wrapped around ... READ the POST

Strikes and scope

The office is going into emergency mode at the moment in preparation for crippling strikes tomorrow. We've received flyers from the unions, an email from HR about how to get to work despite there being only 37% service on some lines. How the RATP have calculated their service that precisely I'm not ... READ the POST

The Gipsy Moth IV project

I was in the Isle of Wight for a few days this week and spent some time at the United Kingdom Sailing Academy where I talked to one of the students about the Gipsy Moth IV project.The restoration effort of this historic yacht has been a significant project: 28 weeks, 9000 hours and with a very ... READ the POST

Fixed date projects are like weddings

Some projects are already time-bound when you receive them, and while this way of planning is not the most controlled way to manage a project, it is possible - and I am just about to find out how possible. Suddenly, a project that has been dragging on for a year, and I thought I had killed, now has ... READ the POST

What is OTOBOS?

OTOBOS is On Time, On Budget, On Scope. This definition of what makes a project successful misses out quality, happy stakeholders and a whole host of stuff, but it's a good starting point.If you can deliver OTOBOS, chances are that you are doing something right. ... READ the POST


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