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It’s International Women’s Day

It’s international women’s day, a moment to reflect on the state of affairs for women around the globe. In my world, an office move has left us pretty badly off: we used to have two toilets between seven women and now we have four toilets between twenty-three. I’ve not had to queue yet but I’m sure ... READ the POST

Why I blog

So I got tagged by Christine Kane. Which means I have to come up with five reasons why I blog. After not very much thought, here are my reasons:1. Because I wrote a bookMany bloggers start off by web publishing and then move into traditional publishing, in the Petite Anglaise and Random Acts ... READ the POST

Between a rock and a hard place

I’ve been doing some research into why projects fail for a TV programme (more on this later – we are filming in May) and it seems that the unsuccessful project is unfortunately much more common than we would all like to believe.However, there is also a perception problem. I’ve been interviewed ... READ the POST

Review of ConceptDraw Project 3

Setting up a project is easy: anyone familiar with MS Project will be able to navigate around without problems. The main part of the screen shows the task list and Gantt chart. All the standard functionality is there: managing resources, costs, dependencies. I particularly like the ... READ the POST

Transferable (dancing) skills

I am a big believer in the value of transferable skills, which is why I find the French education system so hard to understand.  Essentially, you need to take business studies and do a business degree to have any hope of getting a decent job in an office.  For me, university was (and is - my Masters ... READ the POST

A bad day at the office

Sometimes it is not the work that makes work difficult, nor the people. Today the challenge that made my day more difficult than usual was something much more mundane: the arrival of a new telephone.It came with a three-fold leaflet explaining how to do a multitude of things, except set up my ... READ the POST


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