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Organising the drowning girl

Why is it that some weeks make you feel like you’re drowning and in others you’re just driftwood in the sea of project management, bobbing along with not a care in the world?This week has been a drowning week.  I have found myself with two miniscule projects to sort out, and the smaller the ... READ the POST

Saving Fordhall – more than just a project…

When Sophie Hopkins, 24, took on the role of project manager for the Fordhall Community Land Initiative, I have to hope she knew what she was letting herself in for. After working for months without a salary, she now gets paid from an EU grant but her days often don’t finish until long into the ... READ the POST

Lipstick Project Management and Liberia

I caught Inside Africa at the weekend and heard Swanee Hunt from the Women and Public Policy Program at Harvard talking about the role Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is playing in furthering the involvement of women in government. Hunt said that the President is taking a 'feminine' ... READ the POST

Finally, I feel like a PM again…

This post is late too.  Sorry - it won't become a regular habit, but here's a warning for next Monday:  as I'm getting the sleeper train back from Nice late Sunday night I doubt I'll be in much of a state to post anything lucid after getting off the train and going straight to work.One of the ... READ the POST

Seeking out answers

Sorry this post is a day late - I have been distracted with visitors and the Eurostar Da Vinci Code Quest.I gave my presentation on Scope Management to the British Computer Society's Project Management Specialist Group on Thursday, which went well. They were kind enough to give me a souvenir ... READ the POST


There are 2,552 members in the Women in Project Management special interest group of the Project Management Institute, which, all credit to them, makes that group the 5th largest virtual group within the giant which is the PMI. And some of those members are men.Frankly, I'm not surprised that ... READ the POST


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