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Estimating part 2

Now my brain is less fuddled due to not being in the heat quite so much, I can explain my theory on estimating project tasks.Start with the basics. What needs to happen? How long will each task take? The answers to these questions will allow you to pull together a timeline. Try to use ... READ the POST

Estimating during the heatwave

With the canicule that France is suffering from at the moment, the weather is the talk of the town. The heatwave has surpassed the general French favourite of food as the topic of the moment and it is one good reason to work long hours - at least we have air conditioning in the office which makes ... READ the POST

Electronic Filing on Projects

Over my career, the majority of my projects have involved people who already work together.  I remember working with one team that I had to form from scratch, who had never worked together before and who had never worked on a project before.In that situation, having little rituals worked wonders ... READ the POST

Making networks work (plus digression on lingerie)

The sales are on in Paris at the moment. The sales are government-controlled, so all shops have a sale at the same time and sales at any other moment are forbidden. On my way to the bus stop each morning I walk past 5 lingerie shops, full of plastic models with drawn-on stomach muscles and tiny ... READ the POST

Status reporting might have helped Gypsy Moth IV

You might remember I have written before about the Gypsy Moth IV project. It was a project to restore Sir Francis Chichester's yacht and sail it around the world. Unfortunately, the objectives of the project have now changed considerably. Gypsy Moth IV ran aground and now the objective is to ... READ the POST

Blogging for business: the CMR example

I interviewed Barry Seifer, principal at Cubellis Marco Retail Design (CMR) recently, about they way his company is using blogs to promote communication between CMR and its customers and employees. I've been looking at whether blogging is really making an impact as an in-company communication tool, ... READ the POST


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