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What does a PM do all day?

I was given a fab new wheelie suitcase as a gift at the weekend, which is great as I seem to be doing a lot of travelling at the moment. On the way to the UK at the weekend I found myself sitting next to a guy in a leather jacket. He obviously wasn't taking advantage of the latest Eurostar ... READ the POST

How not to communicate with customers #3

"I came in last week and and you wouldn't let me collect my debit card," says the man in front of me in the queue. "You said I had to put money in the account and then I could have the card.""We sent it to your home in the UK on Friday," says the cashier."But the whole point of this letter ... READ the POST

Launch week

Last week was all go, so I was glad to have last weekend in Villefranche-sur-Mer, looking at the houses set into the cliffs, making the most of a little bit of free time before the project kicked off. Launch week for any project is always busy, but it's my favourite time. It's the moment when it ... READ the POST

Implementing lessons learnt

The main problem, in my opinion, with post-implementation reviews is the difficulty with sharing the results with other people: making sure others don't make the same mistakes you did and benefit from reusing things that went really well.What's a post-implementation review? A meeting to ... READ the POST

From across the pond

This week, in between watching the complete DVD box set of Series 1 of Un Paso Adelante, the Spanish version of Fame (what is Diana's problem?), and trying too many perfumes in Sephora, I read an interesting report about the management of US government projects.The US Office of Management and ... READ the POST

How not to communicate with customers #2

A while ago I received a cheap-looking letter from the gym. You know, one of those where they have photocopied a photocopy and it ends up looking tatty and not-quite-black. "Your subscription is nearly up!" it helpfully informed me. "You should think about renewing."I certainly did think ... READ the POST


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