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A change for the better

This week, between accidentally deleting 900 users from a small European country, preparing dinner for a colleague from India and packing my stuff to go to the Isle of Wight (not on business - hurrah!), I found some time to research a chapter for my book on change management.  I came across Bill ... READ the POST

Training Sponsors

Neville Turbit from Project Perfect has recently given me some material for a great case study for my forthcoming book on training your sponsor. He's covered the same topic on his blog recently too, and it's good advice. The sponsor one of my projects has recently changed, so I'll be moving into ... READ the POST


Every company I've worked in has had a healthy contingent of women in their project management teams. But when I go to a conference, breakfast briefing or seminar I'm often one of a few female project managers in the room. And at 29 one of the youngest. So, the aim of this blog is: * to show ... READ the POST

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