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How To Help Your Team Manage Project Risk

A project manager’s job isn’t just about managing the work. You are also responsible for your team, and making sure they have the skills required to do their jobs.Part of a resource management plan is to build the skills of your team. Normally we’d think of that in terms of the technical skills ... READ the POST

10 Tips for Presenting at Work

So you have to do a presentation at work? Presenting in meetings or to your boss is always a bit nerve-wracking. Here are 10 tips for giving a fantastic work presentation.1. Know your audienceFirst, know your audience. Who are you presenting to? And where are they in the organisational ... READ the POST

How to Improve Problem Solving with Lessons Learned

So you’ve got a problem. It’s on the issue log. You’ve pulled together the key subject matter experts who can help get the project over this hurdle.But how do you come up with the answer?Sometimes, the answer to a problem is staring you in the face. There is only one sensible solution to ... READ the POST

Best Books on Team Skills for Project Managers

In today’s video I have 3 book recommendations for managing teams on projects, or more specifically, getting the right mindset to succeed in a team environment. I’ve detailed each of these books below the video, so you can scroll down to get more David Bryde, Jake Holloway ... READ the POST


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