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Thank you 2020

As 2020 comes to a close, I would like to take a moment and reflect on the year and thank everyone that has made a Girl's Guide to Project Management a success this year. It is always one of my favorite parts of the year. A very special thank you goes to... Companies that let me review their ... READ the POST

Black Friday Deals: for Project Management

I used to think Black Friday was just for people who wanted to get ahead on Christmas shopping and buy high-priced electrical goods with a bit of a discount. But it seems like every year more and more sellers get in on the discount action (including me!). Here's a round up of deals on ... READ the POST

Gifts for Managers [2020 Edition]

This year I have rounded up a selection of presents that would make suitable gifts for managers, colleagues and project teams. There are also a few extra-special (i.e. too expensive for a Secret Santa office idea) presents that you could either club together to buy, or as gifts for managers to ... READ the POST

What is Visual Project Management?

Today I’m interviewing Mark Woeppel, author of Visual Project Management. But what is visual project management? I caught up with Mark so that he could explain that interesting title and talk more about the book. Mark, what is visual project management? Visual Project Management is a ... READ the POST


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