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Balance Your Work/Life

Get a work/life balance with the tips in these articles. OK – I might not be able to magic you the perfect balance, but I can certainly try to help you get a better sense of balancing home and office!


Thank you 2019

As 2019 comes to a close, I would like to take a moment and reflect on the year and thank...
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Focusing on What Matters #IPMDay19

Learn how the workplace affects project managers' stress levels and what you can do about it.
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How to Ask for Part-Time Hours

In this article I’ll share some tips on how I asked for part-time hours and how you can do the...
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10 Simple Ways to Prepare a Holiday Handover at work (with email templates)

Here are 10 simple ways to make the holiday handover to your colleagues go smoothly so that you can enjoy...
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What I'm reading

What I’m Reading

To help my commute goes faster, these are the books that I've recently read on the train.
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How to get a work/life balance

How 6 Real Managers Get A Work/Life Balance

6 real project managers share their tips for getting a work/life balance. Read on to find out how you can...
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30 minute miracle to change your workday

The 30-Minute Miracle That Will Change The Way You Leave The Office

Becoming a mum helped me to realise that I was not transitioning between tasks all that well. Here is what...
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Work Life Balance tips

What It Means To Balance Work And Family

I shared some really personal issues about my role as a project manager and so many of you reached out...
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Jerry Ihejirika

How I Got a Broken Leg, Thought Deep About My Career and Focused More On My Passion

Jerry Ihejirika talks about finding his dream job, even after an accident gave him a lot of time in hospital...
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My daily routine

How I Manage My Day

Find out what I do in a day to try to keep my work/life balance in healthy check and fit...
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How to get organised for work

How to Get Ready for Next Week

Make it easy to get ready for next week and hit the ground running at work on Monday with these...
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What are the relevant factors that drive or result from information overload?

Thomas asked this question during the PMI Learning, Education and Development Community of Practice presentation I gave recently about Social...
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Returning to work after maternity leave

How Real Mums Return to Work

Six women share their tips for making a comeback at work after maternity leave. Research shows women can lose their...
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5 tips for returning to work

5 Tips for Returning To Work After Maternity Leave

Learn how to manage your transition back to the workplace after maternity leave with these 5 tips for making your...
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Janice Haddon

Advice for returning to work: Interview with Janice Haddon

As regular readers will know, I’ve been on maternity leave since January, and I’m now easing myself back into work....
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How do you deal with a bad day?

In this video I ask nine project managers how they deal with a bad day at work. Their answers might...
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Photo of Stever Robbins

Book Review: Get-It-Done Guy’s 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More

“When you’re in content focus, you load a project into your brain and do everything related to that project,” says...
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Book review: All Your Money Won’t Another Minute Buy

Curt Finch, CEO of Journyx, Inc., has put all his wisdom about time tracking into a book called .  It’s...
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