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APMP: Reflections On The Course

Review of APMP Training Course


I took my APMP exam recently, at the culmination of five days of study. It was quite an effort – it has actually been a while since I’ve been out of the workplace to do a course that lasted that long (or to do any formal training, if I think about it).

It was a great excuse to focus on the basics and to take a break from the busyness that is a normal working week.

The essay-style homework every night was not such a great part of it.

In the video below I talk about the course that I did. Find out what I thought and what I learned!



  1. Fantastic feedback on the APMP now the APM PMQ, I am not sure about the matrix working point it should cover this is a bit of detail (but it is quite superficial I would agree) and also success can be measured in may ways not just TCQ, customer satisfaction, safety and team engagement are just as important.

    Maybe you could teach the course now, every now and then, just get in touch.

    • Paul, I doubt I could teach it! I’ve been meaning to look more into PMQ and understand the differences (if there are any) in the syllabus, and look properly at the competence framework. It’s a really solid qualification.


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