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An Introvert’s Guide to Office Parties

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Are you looking forward to the holiday season? Or eyeing up those office events on your work calendar with trepidation?

I have to confess to not being much of a party animal, and while I won’t say no to free wine and pretzels, I’m normally done with parties pretty early and prefer to get off home.

Having said that, being able to operate socially with your colleagues is actually a useful life skill! It helps build relationships, it helps with networking, and it helps with generally being known as a nice person.

So you do need to put yourself out there and go to events, even if you only stay for a short while and drink water. Don’t ever be pressured into “partying” more than you feel personally able to commit to – beyond showing up.

The infographic below shares some tips for introverts going into the holiday season. And if small talk isn’t your thing, download my free 28 small talk conversation starters and have a few questions ready to go when you’re standing next to Claire from Marketing at the water cooler.

Office Party for Introverts Infographic
Courtesy of: Simply Be

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An introvert's guide to office parties. Learn to network and build relationships.

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