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Keep on doing what you’re doing – giving us, girls, the best suggestions and advice about how to be better as project managers! Thank you!”

Ani, Bulgaria


This blog began when I realised that there weren’t enough women writing and speaking about project management, although there were plenty working very hard at it. 

Back in 2006, flicking through the trade press and going to conferences meant reading and listening to what men had to say about project management.  There’s nothing wrong with that – they were (and still are) often very good.  But the project management world was lacking a female perspective. 

Basically, there wasn’t enough stuff about shoes, chocolate and crafts for my liking.

Today, things are better. 

Conference organisers tell me that they go to lengths to attract female speakers.  Editors have more balanced editorial panels.  However, it isn’t their fault that they have to make a special effort: it’s ours.  If we want women to have a more active role in promoting project management as a 21st century profession we need to get out there and do something about it.

I don’t speak for all female project managers, of course.  And I hope I speak to men as well.  This blog has evolved over the last years into a place where I hope all project managers will find something useful.  A Girl’s Guide to Project Management aims to provide some direction in the world of project management by offering news, opinion and coverage of the many project management events that happen in the UK (and when I can get to them, overseas too).

In short, I’m the Girl, and this is my Guide.  Welcome.

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More About Elizabeth

I’m a career project and programme manager with over a decade of experience in healthcare and financial services, including two spent working in Paris, France. 

I’m the author of quite a few project management books (these ones) including the popular Collaboration Tools for Project Managers, Customer-Centric Project Management and Shortcuts To Success: Project Management in the Real World (now in its second edition, and shortlisted for a UK business book award).  I occasionally speak at conferences and events, and I try not to fall off the stage too often.

I’m a Fellow of the Association for Project Management.

I’m Director of Otobos Consultants Ltd, a consultancy that focuses on project management copywriting. We help people tell the story of their project more effectively.

A Girl’s Guide to Project Management is an award-winning blog.  It won the Project Management category of the Computer Weekly IT Blog Awards in 2008, 2009 and 2010.  In 2010 I was also named Computer Weekly’s Blogger of the Year and in 2011 I was named Computer Weekly’s IT Professional Blogger of the Year. I was shortlisted for a Women in Technology award in 2015.

In fact, over the years, people have said some very nice things. In 2017 I was named as one of the top 10 women in project management to follow on Twitter. In 2018 I was named as one of ILX’s 30 influential people in project management. In 2019, named me as one of the18 most influential people in project management.

I’ve been featured in:

I’ve also appeared on numerous podcasts.

More About A Girl’s Guide To Project Management

The views expressed on this site are mine only, and don’t represent those of any employer or client past or present with whom I have worked.

Posts are copyright me unless otherwise specified.  That means you can’t copy and paste my writing from here to your own website.  Comments and guest posts are copyright their authors.  For more terms, read this.

I am an affiliate for certain products, which means I make a commission if you buy them through one of my referral links. For more about this, read my earnings disclosure.

I can be contacted at elizabeth [at] girlsguidetopm [dot] com.  For a better chance of a reply, read the pitch policy first.

The Office Goddess Mug photo, which I used during 2009 to illustrate the Office Goddess series, is used by permission of Ganz.

Like many industries, project management remains male-dominated. This is noticeable when reading project management thought leadership. The project managers who share their expertise online tend to be less diverse than the discipline itself. Specifically, they tend to be overwhelmingly male – even when research shows that project managers in some industries (like financial services) have close to a 50/50 gender split.

To honor International Women’s Day, GetApp highlighted 10 women who share their project management insights with the world. This knowledge-sharing plays a huge role in advancing the discipline. It’s impossible to write a list of female project management influencers without including Elizabeth. She started her popular blog years before the subject of women at work was trending. She saw the lack of female voices in project management writing and chose to be the change that she wished to see. Elizabeth’s insights increase in value as the project management discipline becomes less technical and more broad.

Lauren Maffeo, GetApp

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