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11 Must-Have Gadgets for Project Managers

11 Must Have Gadgets for Project Managers

This article contains affiliate links.

I confess to being a bit of a gadget geek. I love my new Tether Tools kit for my iPad, and I’m no stranger to browsing the latest apps. It does take me a long time to make a decision on which one to get, though.

Here’s my pick of the gadgets every project manager should own. These would make great additions to your holiday gift list for when relatives ask you what you’d like to receive. Or, buy them for the project managers that you know!

1. Foot Warmer

As some of you know (and if you were on my last  webinar you saw me in it), I work in a converted shed in the garden. At this time of year it’s cold.

This foot warmer (£26.99) is perfect for those freezing winter days to help keep you warm when it seems like the person with control of the thermostat prefers to keep the office in artic temperatures. Or if you work remotely from an ice box, like me. This foot warmer also has a massage feature.

2. Wireless Headset

This wireless headset (£77.18) is a must have especially if you like to walk and talk at the same time. With a six hour rechargeable battery and a 12 meter range you are no longer tethered to your desk for meeting and Skype calls. They are super comfortable (my team has tried and tested them) and fold up for storage or to take with you on the go.

3. Shiatsu Massage Cushion

Take a break during the work day with this Shiatsu massage chair cushion (£140.33). Strap it to your office chair and let the 14 different massage settings help take away the stresses of your latest project, at least for a little while. It shuts off automatically after 15 minutes making it perfect for a break.

Or you could get a voucher for your local salon (I have a standing appointment every 8 weeks).

4. Desk Lamp

Correct lighting can help reduce eyestrain during the most intense projects. I have overhead lighting in my office but also a lamp because this old shed doesn’t have too much natural daylight.

This desk lamp (£19.99) is a nice modern design with five different color modes to choose from. It is also dimmable so you can find the perfect setting for whatever you are working on. Plus it has a USB port to plug in your phone or other device.

5. Desk Fan

In the summer a fan is essential where I work! On those days that you need to cool down you will love having this . (£7.99). It plugs right into a USB port so no need to hunt down a free wall plug. It is also quiet so it won’t bother any of your coworkers, or create too much background noise for your conference calls.

6. Portable Scanner

For those moments when you need to copy a page of notes, photos, diagrams or charts this portable scanner (£119.99) is perfect. It runs on batteries and doesn’t need to be attached to a computer to work. It stores the scans on an SD card making it easy to upload to your computer.

7. Bluetooth Keypad

Do you have a keyboard that doesn’t include a numerical keypad? My take-along iPad keyboard doesn’t. Make your life easier entering numbers with a Bluetooth keypad (£23.99). Pop it into your bag to take it with you. This one works with iOS devices.

8. Laptop Cooling Stand

I had no idea these existed! This is genius. There is nothing worse than getting into a groove of work on your laptop and having it shut down because it is overheated. With one of these cooling stands (£19.99) you will be able to raise your laptop to allow proper airflow as well as a better ergonomic position. At only 141 grams (5 ounces) it will not weigh down your bag.

9. Charging Station

Your phone, your tablet, your personal device, your work device all add up to much clutter on your desk. A (£25.99) can be a great way to organize it all plus keep everything charged too. You can charge up to four devices at once.

10. Meteor Microphone

I have a which I use for recording videos but also for professional quality sound for Skype calls with my project team.  This is one of the best out there and I can personally vouch for the quality. Plus it looks awesome and makes me feel like a modern-day 1950’s starlet.

11. Artificial Aquarium

My office is devoid of all living things if you discount the spiders. Bring a little life into your office with this whimsical artificial aquarium (£46.99). It brings all of the benefits without any of the work of live fish. Sounds just about my level of commitment! You just need to add water!

11 Must Have Gadgets for Project Managers

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  1. Richard Wheeler says

    The headset and the MP3 player are great ideas. (Podcasted interviews are how I found Elizabeth.) The hundreds of hours, courtesy of Cesar Abeid, /, Andy Kaufmann, and others, have made walks enjoyable and have made even (yuck!) washing dishes tolerable. When I was young, the only white noise generators were fans. Listening to the radio was not good for my productivity or for my image. Now I use MP3s of nature sounds as white noise for masking distractions and for relaxation.

    Since effective communications is so important in any type of management, headphones are not just a must-have, they are an absolute must-have. The quality of audio delivered by even cheap headphones is drastically better than the quality delivered by even the best cell phone.

    My additions to the list would include an extra pair of PC speakers and walking shoes. The speakers connect to the aforementioned MP3 player when playing white noise. In a cubicle environment, people don’t mind, whereas differing preferences about music can cause friction.

    As for the shoes, I prefer two pair, actually. One pair is for breaktime walks. Exercise raises the metabolism, clears the mind, and creates opportunities for social interaction. Also, a walk can often have a calming influence when you need to conduct a difficult conversation, and the changing environment can unleash creativity.

    The other pair comprises slip-on, semi dress shoes. I like to slip my shoes off at my desk, so wearing loose slip-on shoes minimizes factors that might discourage me from visiting or making myself available to my team.

    • Elizabeth Harrin says

      Ah ha, someone else with shoes under their desk! I have my walking/lunchtime shoes in my desk drawer and slip on high heels that I wear in the office. It also has the added benefit of making my heels last longer as I rarely wear them on concrete so they don’t wear out so quickly. Thanks for your comment, Richard.

  2. Syed Mohammad Anwer says

    MP3 Player : You could join this with your smart cell phone or tablet, yet a few people will like to have a device committed to music and sound records. For expert advancement purposes, and MP3 is extraordinary as it gives you in a hurry access to any number of project management podcasts. You can hear them out in the auto or on the drive, or at the exercise center. Some podcasts likewise offer you the chance to acquire PDUs so this can be a helpful approach to stock up on some PDU credit either free or requiring little to no effort, and moderately effectively.


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