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10 Must-Attend Project Management Conferences for 2015

10 Must-attend project management Conferences

Is your diary blossoming with project management events yet? Here are a few conferences that I think it’s worth packing a bag for.


1. Project Zone Congress: Frankfurt, 27-29 April

This is the third year that Project Zone Congress has been held in Germany and I’ve been fortunate enough to interview some of the speakers (like Kevin Baker and Wilhelm Kross) – they really are a high quality bunch. Supported by over 10 PMI European Chapters, this event has a strong focus on European project management practice and lots (and lots) of choice.

2. PMI Congress EMEA (London): London, 11-13 May

The PMI Global Congress—EMEA is in London this year. 11-13 May at the ExCel Centre. Whoop! I have already registered and booked my hotel. I’ve been to the EMEA events before and they are well-attended and great opportunities to network and feel part of something bigger. I know a few people who have put papers forward and I think there will be a nice mix of content. I’m looking forward to seeing the full delegate details and registering for my sessions.

3. EVA20: London, 16-17 June

The UK’s major event about project controls and earned value is 20 this year, and is taking place at the Armourer’s Hall again. With a focus on good governance, EVA20 is a serious event with some fun bits and Stephen Carver. What’s not to like?


4. PMI New Zealand

PMI New Zealand Chapter’s conference will be in Wellington, 2-4 September 2015, Te Papa, Museum of New Zealand.

Last year’s 20th anniversary PMINZ conference looked awesome from the website and write up, and included the national project management awards. If you are in that part of the world then I think this would be an amazing event to attend. It’s just a pity it’s so far away for me.

5. Women in PM National Conference: London, 24 September

Last year’s APM Women in Project Management event celebrated the 21st anniversary. This year they’ve already saved the date for the 2015 conference which is likely to be similar – with evening celebrations and various sessions on project management and career building during the day. It was really good last year – very inspiring. Read my write up of the 2014 conference here.

6. IPMA World Congress: Panama City, 29 September

The 29th IPMA World Congress will be in Panama City starting on 29 September 2015. It’s likely to be a few days long and attract speakers from over 30 countries. Last year’s event in Holland was huge. There’s nothing much on the website yet for the IPMA World Congress 2015 but this is an inspiring event and the only one I’m aware of with a specific track for young project managers.

7. PM South Africa

PM South Africa had a 3-day conference in 2014 which covered wide-ranging topics and a national awards ceremony. Their website doesn’t yet have details of the 2015 conference but I think it is going to be good.

8. PMI Congress North America: Orlando, 11-13 October

It’s been ages since I’ve been to a North America PMI Global Congress (mainly because it is so far and so expensive). When I have been it has definitely been worth it. The days are long but everything is included and there are also social and networking events so it doesn’t always feel like work. This year it is back in Orlando, Florida between 11-13 October.


9. Synergy: London, November

PMI UK’s flagship annual event is now in its 5th year. It’s normally around International Project Management Day and I think I’ve been to all of them so far. It’s an excellent day of celebration and learning with only one track, which means everyone gets the same experience. They still haven’t cracked getting everyone fed adequately in the short lunch break but aside from that it’s definitely worth attending and I’ll be there again as soon as they release the details. Read my write up of last year’s event.

10. PMI Congress Latin America: November?

There’s nothing on the PMI website yet about Latin American events in 2015 but given that Ricardo Triana is current Chair of the Board of Directors I’m sure there will be some happening events this year in that region.

Update: 16 January 2015

OK, a few people have been in touch to tell me about their great events. In a list of 10 conferences I had to choose what to include and I’d been collecting notifications for a few months prior to putting this list together. I couldn’t include everything.

I’ve changed my mind. Why not include a few more? Here are some bonus project management events for you to consider this year:

11. APM Conference: London, 19 March

The biggie missing from this list is the APM Project Management Conference in London in March. There is a fantastic speaker line-up, which is continuing to grow. Dayner got in touch to tell me that delegates describe it as “thought-provoking, influential and inspiring” with research showing that 94% of delegates would look to attend again in 2015. I should count myself amongst that number given I’ve attended previously and even spoken at two of the annual events.

12. PMI Netherlands Summit: Bussum, 11 June

The PMI Netherlands Chapter is hosting their annual summit on 11 June this year. Cees invited me to speak but for various reasons that didn’t work out so it’s a bit embarrassing that I left them off the list. Consider me chastised via Twitter for forgetting that one.

13. Project Management in Practice: Boston, 15-16 May

I spoke to one of the professors at Boston University recently and heard about the awesome Project Management in Practice event that they are hosting in May. It brings together practitioners and academics and is this year on the theme of developing project management competencies. It was on my original list although it didn’t make the cut: hey, as I’m adding more I’ll throw this one in as well.

So what events are going to make you get out a suitcase this year? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Sharon Heinrich says

    Sounds good – it is at Central Hall Westminster. How many people generally attend? And would booking balcony or ground floor seating be best?

    • Elizabeth Harrin says

      300 or so? Maybe more, I’m not sure. Balcony seats give you a good view of the stage but they aren’t that great for taking notes: think being in a theatre. The ground floor last year was set up with tables, so that was easier to chat to people and take notes but you are looking up at the stage (still a good view though). No where is bad seating. Both balcony and table seating is free allocation so you can move around, sit with people you meet at lunch break etc.

    • Elizabeth Harrin says

      I would if I were you. I am going (actually, I’m speaking). The last few years have been really good. It’s normally a very inspiring event where everyone is very friendly and I think it is in Westminster Hall again this year which is a lovely venue. Plus it’s quite cheap, in comparison to other events, especially if it isn’t too late for the early bird pricing. If you do sign up let me know and I’ll meet you there!

  2. Esladis Bulkin says

    This is a great list. Will you be posting one for 2016 Project Management conferences that you recommend?

  3. Tim Ford says

    Hi Elizabeth. will you be updating this useful list? Here are a few UK ones I’ve spotted that you might find useful:

    Project Challenge 6-7 Oct
    Project Controls Expo 13 Oct
    PMI Synergy 12 Nov
    Digital PM Jan 16
    APM Conference Mar 16
    APM Programme Management Conference 10 Mar 2016
    PMO Conference June 16

    Best regards


  4. Carol says

    Earned Value Practioners Forum Training in Arlington, VA July 22 & 23, 2015. (I’d like to see more women become EVP’s)

    The EVMP is organized by EVM application users to share best practices and help others become more effective in their use of EVM tools, analysis, and reporting.

  5. Paul Yeomans says

    Wow Elizabeth, these all look like fantastic conferences. Living in the UK I will certainly be attending EVA20 (especially after the extra information from Merv Wyeth in the comments) and Synergy.

    • Elizabeth Harrin says

      I’ve not been to the EVA events but I’ve heard awesome things about them and knowing Merv and Steve Wake they are bound to be excellent. Synergy I can personally vouch for and that’s definitely worth a trip to London if you can make it.

  6. Merv Wyeth says

    Putting down the roots for Good Governance. aka #eva20 will be our best event ever.

    You will note that June 2015 marks 800 years on from the signing of the Magna Carta …

    In recognition of this landmark in our history the Great and the Good from the last twenty years have been invited to come and discuss the profession of project management. A look back and a look forward. And to sign their own charter in support of the profession.

    Amongst other star performances Stephen Carver and his Knights of the Round Table will be there to tell the story of Magna Carta and its place in modern Governance.

    The great thing about the eVaintheUK series is even if you can’t get along – and if you can you really should. We have a great archive, of presentation and video [courtesy of PM Channel] at:


    Merv [& Steve Wake]

    • Elizabeth Harrin says

      Merv, I don’t doubt it. I saw all the details about the Magna Carta link on the website (and I’ve been listening to Melvyn Bragg’s series on Radio 4). It’s a fascinating time and a really good idea to connect it to the EVA conference. I hope it goes well as unfortunately I’m not able to be there, but I will check out the PM Channel coverage afterwards.


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