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What happened to the Carnival of Project Management?

Thanks for stopping by the Carnival page. Unfortunately I’m no longer displaying the Carnival links or running the Carnival of Project Management as there were just too many spam submissions. A lot of the links in these old Carnivals were no longer “active” so I felt I was disappointing readers by recommending articles that they then couldn’t read.

Don’t go just yet: here is a free ebook: 52 Tips To Break Into Project Management. It’s a compilation of great advice from great project management experts. Many of them have their own websites or blogs so if you’re looking for other sites to visit after this one, it’s an excellent place to start.

Or why not stick around and try one of these popular articles:

The definitive guide to project success criteria

10 Tips for overcoming Imposter Syndrome (for anyone who has ever felt out of place at work)

Why project management is like surviving The Hunger Games

10 Killer interview questions for hiring project managers (useful for job seekers too)

Thanks for reading!