Affiliate Scheme

Become an Affiliate of The Otobos Group and make commission from selling our products to your network.

What is an affiliate scheme?

It’s a sales technique. For every customer that you refer to me who buys one of my products, you make a commission. Why? It’s a thank you for helping me reach a wider audience. Every customer that you refer is probably one who I wouldn’t have reached in the first place. We both benefit.

How do I join?

Affiliates can read more about how the affiliate scheme works here.

Affiliates can register or login directly here (or from the page above).

What are you selling?

There are two ebooks that affiliates can promote. These are:

Get Started Using Social Media on Your Projects

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: 10 Strategies To Stop Feeling Like a Fraud at Work

Commission paid is 30%. A sale must be made within 21 days of your customer clicking the link for me to be able to pay commission, and the customer must have cookies enabled to track the sale.

How do I promote your products and earn commission?

Once you have created an account, you will see the Affiliate Centre homepage. From this page you can access the Ads menu and select text link or banner ads and pre-written html for your websites or newsletters. If you want any bespoke content, contact me.

Thank you for letting me reach your network.