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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Ten Strategies to Stop Feeling Like a Fraud at Work is an ebook designed for people who have ever felt as if they didn’t really know what they were doing at work.
Price: £8.00

Get Started Using Social Media on Your Projects
A practical, six-step guide to setting up and launching a social media initiative to help you collaborate more productively on projects.
Price: £8.00

Project Management in the Real World
Project Management in the Real World uses a case-study approach to combine the experiences of project managers from across the globe (the equivalent to 250+ working years), into one resource for project and programme managers. It contains over 50 cross-industry case studies – some of projects that went well, some of projects that went badly – plus a discussion of what readers can take from that experience, all backed up by theory and references. The 'Add to Cart' link takes you to the publishers' website.
Price: £25.95
Social Media for Project Managers
Social Media for Project Managers is a new book for project teams that looks at the role that social media – interactivity provided by Web 2.0 technology – plays in helping a project manager be more effective. The internet has given us new ways to communicate with people and organise information, and as much of project management is exactly that, this book shows project managers how they can harness this new technology to enhance their ability to work effectively with others on projects. The 'Add to Cart' button takes you to the book's website, where you can choose where to buy it from.
Price: £26.98

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